Dominic Kraft and Oliver Guballa (left) are the Opel winners of a unique road trip: From Rüsselsheim, they drove the new Astra Plug-in Hybrid to Dortmund. At Signal Iduna Park, the colleagues were treated to a high-scoring derby between BVB and VfL Bochum.

Best Buddies on Tour

Dominic Kraft is a BVB fan. And the employee from the International Operations Finance department was already excited about the new Astra. That’s why he was immediately hooked when his teammate Oliver Guballa called him: “We’ve won the Internal Communications competition in the Opel Newsblitz – we’re going to the Revierderby in Dortmund with the new Astra!” At the end of April, the two received the keys for the new Astra Plug-in Hybrid from Petra Hirzler, Manager Brand and Partnerships. They were allowed to test drive the newcomer exclusively on their road trip one week before the dealer launch – which was on 7 May.

Time travel through 160 years of Opel

Before the winners set off in the direction of Dortmund, they enjoyed an exclusive plant tour through the press shop, the body shop as well as the final assembly. In addition, Opel Germany Marketing Director Albrecht Schäfer and Opel Classic Director Leif Rohwedder welcomed them to the Opel Classic Workshop. There, the colleagues experienced a fascinating time travel through “160 years of Opel” – starting with sewing machines and bicycles and ending with hundreds of classic cars, which are maintained in the Opel treasure chamber.

„With the new Astra to the Revierderby in Dortmund – perfect!“

Oliver Guballa –

Handing over the keys: Dominic Kraft and Oliver Guballa receive an Astra Plug-in Hybrid from Petra Hirzler.
“Made in Rüsselsheim”: Beforehand, they were able to look over the shoulders of colleagues in the final assembly.

The new Astra inspires

And even though the anticipation of the football spectacle was already high in the afternoon – the two employees from International Operations Finanz enjoyed the 260 kilometres in the new Astra Plug-in Hybrid to the fullest. Their verdict on the new car? „I was already impressed by the great design of the Astra in the photos. And now I know: the new one drives great – and is also perfectly tuned for longer journeys,“ is Dominic Kraft’s conclusion. “The Astra is particularly quiet in E-mode. And switching from electric to combustion drive is hardly noticeable,”adds Oliver Guballa.

“The Astra drives great – and is also perfectly tuned for longer journeys.”

Dominic Kraft –

The fascination of car manufacturing: the Astra rolls off the production line.
In the Classic Workshop you can experience classic cars at first hand.
And information on motorsport history was provided by Heritage Manager Leif Rohwedder.
Handover of keys by Marketing Director Albrecht Schäfer.
Road trip: On the road to Dortmund in the new Astra.
In the stadium: A meeting with BVB legend Norbert Dickel.

AutoBild readers on “Best Buddy Tour”

Two AutoBild readers also won an exclusive “Astra Best Buddy Tour”. During the plant tour in Rüsselsheim, they experienced „how a roll of sheet metal becomes an Astra“ – as winner Vanessa Becker put it. She is a BVB fan with all her heart and soul and her „best buddy“ Timo Hogg is a true Opel aficionado. The highlight for him was the visit to the Opel Classic workshop: „Sewing machines, bicycles and over 200 cars – I wouldn’t have expected so much.“ On the way to Dortmund, the two winners drove the new Astra Plug-in Hybrid. Vanessa Becker likes „how quiet the Astra is inside“ and electrical engineer Timo Hogg particularly praises the Pure Panel in the cockpit: „You have everything in view there.“

Opel was “Sponsor of the Day”

The colleagues had barely parked their Astra in Dortmund when they encountered the newcomer from Rüsselsheim again on the way to the stadium. Because: Opel was “Sponsor of the Day” on the match day of the “Revierderby” between BVB Dortmund and VfL Bochum – and the plug-in hybrid celebrated its first big appearance in front of the public in the sold-out stadium. On a promotion area in front of the stadium, the many BVB fans were able to explore an Astra in black and yellow and take a seat. Football freestylers provided a great atmosphere – “it was a great show,” said the two colleagues from Rüsselsheim. The new compact class model was also present in the stadium itself, for example on the LED boards, the large video wall or in the stadium booklet. And in the BVB fan world, the Astra is also on exhibit beyond the match day.

Arrived: The Signal Iduna Arena was all about Opel. Because: The car manufacturer from Rüsselsheim was „Sponsor of the Day“.
An Astra in black and yellow was ready for visitors to try out, and freestylers provided a great atmosphere.
Oliver Guballa and Dominic Kraft are allowed into the still empty arena before kick-off. Of course, that has to be captured in a photo.
The BVB fan world, a paradise in black and yellow: here, the Astra is on public display beyond the match day.

A perfect day

The match that followed made the day perfect. A real derby with all the trimmings, and for the first time after the Corona break also in front of a sold-out crowd. “I’ve been to many stadiums, but this one is unique – and overwhelming,” said Dominic Kraft. And then seven goals were scored, one more on the Bochum side than on the Dortmund side – “unfortunately”, as the BVB fan admits. “But on such a great day, that’s something to get over.”

The new Astra was also present in the stadium itself, for example on the LED stands.
AutoBild winners Vanessa Becker and Timo Hogg enjoy the atmosphere of the match.

May 2022

Photos: Christoph Boerries