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with Insignia

July 22 was the great day. 21-years-old Angelina, a trainee for automobile sales management at the car dealership Dechent in Saarbrucken, married sales consultant Max Follmar. For the two Opel fans the happiest day of their life provided an additional highlight: The car dealership Dechent had ordered a new Opel Insignia in abalone white with 260 horse powers as wedding car for its two employees. “Fortunately, the demonstration car arrived on-time”, describes 27 years-old Max Follmar the extra thrill of waiting.

The happiest day of their life


On the day, the specially decorated Opel Insignia played an outstanding role. It escorted the bridal couple and enjoyed huge interest from both wedding guests and passers-by. Obviously with success: The car has already found a new owner. Beforehand, it had led a small Opel wedding convoy through the city of Saarbrucken. “In the past years, I have sold many Opel to my friends. And of course, they all came to our wedding by car”, Fellmar says. “This was a fantastic extra highlight.”


Entire happiness needs a perfect car.

»I would get married again any day – but only with this woman and with this car!«

 – Max Follmar –

The specially decorated Opel  Insignia enjoyed huge interest.


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Text: Matthias Heitmann, Photos: Andreas Siegfried Hoffmann