Rüsselsheim, 03.02.2017, Konzeptstudien in der Opel Classic Werkstatt, Foto Alexander Heimann/ Vollformat Fotografie Dziemballa Heimann UG, Schäfergasse 5, 65428 R`heim, Fon 0177-5626350, Bankverbindung Kreissparkasse Gross Gerau BLZ. 50852553 , KTO. 16003352. Alle Honorare zzgl. 7% MwSt. Steuer NR: 02137830174

Ten Steps to Happiness

240 minutes of pure Opel: The ten winners of the Opel Post advent quiz will get to experience a first-class tour of the hallowed halls of the Classic workshop. There are a number of them; alongside the main room, there is plenty more to see underground. Jens Cooper, a Classic workshop employee and Opel expert par excellence, will guide the ten visitors for a good two hours through the main hall, letting them take a dry run at the throttle of the System Lutzmann and take a seat in a Grand Prix race car from 1913. Afterwards, he will lead them to an unassuming staircase. Its ten steps lead down into the catacombs, where the group will spend two hours getting to know the Opel concept vehicles in depth. We have put together a concise photo series of a few of these striking cars for Opel Post readers.


Group photo with Trixx: Jens Cooper (left) and the winners of the Opel Post advent quiz.

February 2017


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Photos: Alex Heimann, Rudolf Mehlhaff