The new Astra

Here We Go Electric!

What are the engineers' priorities for the all-electric Astra? Here are the most important facts.

BlitzKids, Get to Your Pencils!

Astra GSe, Mokka Electric, Rocks-e and Co.: Opel is going electric and our BlitzKids colouring templates are also quite electrified. Let your imagination run wild and design your favourite model just the way you like it.

100 Per Cent Electrified

Experience cars live, buy online, first-hand information: Opel demonstrated at the 100th Brussels Motor Show how to engage with the public.
Best of Opel 2022 160 year of innovations, the start of a new era, “GSe” returns: This video recalls the highlights of 2022 – an electrifying year for Opel in every respect.
Save the date! The Opel Lifestyle Shop celebrates Yellow Day: On November 25th, all registered users will receive a 20 percent discount on (almost) all items.
Serial Success The new Astra wins the “Golden Steering Wheel 2022”. What does Opel CEO Florian Huettl say, what does the jury say – the most important facts.
You design it. We build it. Opel is inviting artists around the globe to create their individual design concept of a Opel Rocks-e. The social media contest is aimed at young creatives.

Ahead of its time

Sensational finds are rare - and yet they do exist. Eight unknown photos of an Opel delivery van from the 1930s have now surfaced at an auction. Opel expert Eckhart Bartels explains what makes the discovery so special.


From sewing machines to bicycles to automobiles - the Opel history is rich in treasures. But there are also some products “Made in Rüsselsheim” that have been forgotten. To mark the company's 160th birthday, we've tracked down a dozen “OPEL SECRETS” in the archive.
The new Astra

“Shouldn't that be Golden?”

The new Astra has won the “Golden Steering Wheel 2022”! Among the first well-wishers are brand ambassador Jürgen Klopp and athletics stars Gina Lückenkemper and Niklas Kaul – all three go all out for the new Astra.
Mokka Head into snow-covered mountains with an electric car? Is that a good idea? The Stecher family took a test drive from Rüsselsheim to the Allgäu.
Corsa-e Fill it up with sunshine: Volker Simon realised his personal energy revolution and since then, he has powered his Opel Corsa-e with energy generated via his roof.
The New Astra Chief engineer Mariella Vogler explains why the newcomer was developed differently from any Opel before and which facets contain feelings.
Manta GSe The dream, the team, the technology: This is how the ElektroMOD was created. An emissions-free neo-classic that builds a bridge from tradition to a sustainable future.

“Wow! There it is!”

What happens when Jürgen Klopp meets his new Astra plug-in hybrid? Opel Group Manager Scott Wiltgen travelled to Liverpool with a film crew to capture the brand ambassador's reactions.
Opel Zafira Life

A tour of Germany purely on electricity

Can you drive away on holiday purely electrically? And what does the family have to say about it? Rolf Rombach wanted to find out and set off for the Baltic. He learned quickly, as this report shows.
What colleagues do outside of work

Close to the Wind

Six “landlubbers” from Rüsselsheim dared the adventure and took part in the Stellantis Sailing Challenge.
Wallpapers Whether as a background on the desktop, smartphone or during the video call - show your affiliation to #TeamOpel.
It Starts With a Sketch Exclusively for the readers of Opel Post magazine, here is a selection of the most beautiful design drafts by Erhard Schnell or Hideo Kodama for download.
Go for It! Astra GSe, Mokka Electric, Rocks-e and more: With our colouring templates, you can design your favourite Opel.
Opel at Heart The Opel Post page for kids features a craft template for the RAK 2 rocket car and a car template to glue together your own Opel.