opel corsa-e

First Date

Actor Tim Wilde recently drove an electric car for the first time

Opel Motorsport


The Opel Corsa-e Rally has already clocked thousands of kilometres in testing


Hot ’N‘ Cold

Kaiserslautern now has a press for hot forming high-strength steels. First recipient: the Opel Mokka


“It couldn’t get any better!”

Singer-songwriter Nico Santos explains, why the new Opel Mokka is the perfect car for him

Social Media

Follow Me!

The members of the Opel Executive Committee are very active on social media

International Women’s Day

By women
for everyone

What is WEP and what goals does the group have? Vanessa Repp tells you more

International Women’s Day

Three options

Join, grow and develop personally and professionally - together, we make this work!

International Women’s Day

Do women design differently?

Ilka Höbermann about her work as Assistent Chief Designer Colour & Trim

International Women’s Day

Women have an eye for detail

Women have different expectations of cars than men. The WPP ensures that these are met

International Women’s Day

Teamwork with a female boss

Tina Ludwig is the only woman on the Insignia assembly line’s management team

opel corsa-e

Fill it up
with sunshine

Volker Simon realised his personal energy revolution – an initial assessment


Listen up,

You can now make your own “Opel Memory” game with Mamta Mokka-e, Laubfrosch and many...

opel corsa-e

“A Real Bundle
of Energy”

Engineers Stephane Le Floch and Fabian Kempfer took the Opel Corsa-e on a long trip

opel corsa-e

Golden hands

We asked the colleagues what the “Golden Steering Wheel” means to them

The new Corsa

Simply Electrifying

Luca has made a decision: his family ordered a Corsa-e at Opel’s Product Day



Pictures of the new Insignia were taken where the Opel flagship is produced

Opel Zafira Life

Wanna bet that...

...the Zafira Life with its angular design is also ideal as a weekend camper?

The new Mokka

“This is it – the
essence of Opel“

Opel designers George Gallion and Friedhelm Engler talk about their celebrated stars

opel corsa-e


Two Opel Corsa-e attended the Eco Grand Prix, the 24-hour race for electric cars

The new Corsa


Opel CEO Lohscheller reviewed the status of preparations for dealership transition to e-mobility