Icons in Blue-Yellow

Giorgio Schön keeps a well-stocked garage. Two pieces of jewelry are decorated the “Blitz”. They are why we are here.

Experimental Art

BlitzKids, grab your pencils - the Opel Experimental is waiting! Design the exciting study, which just celebrated its world premiere in Munich, according to your own ideas.
Opel Rocks Electric

Offroad to the e-XTREME

A spectacular cross tire, spoiler alert with a touring car past and a roll bar that deserves its name: “Design Hack” winner Lukas Wenzhöfer provided the design for the Rocks e-XTREME – and the Opel team delivered.
Milestones in 2024 Opel CEO Florian Huettl made three important announcements for the coming year at the Automobilwoche Congress in Berlin.
Corsa Wins “autonis” With its new appearance, including the characteristic Opel Vizor, the small car bestseller is now officially the best-looking in its market segment.
Chancellor as Guest The Federal Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz visited the Opel booth during the traditional opening tour of the IAA Mobility.
Ready to Shine Opel is celebrating three world premieres at the IAA Mobility 2023. In addition, the two appearances promise pure “Greenovation”.

The Dream of Rome

The starring role in this road movie is played by an Opel GT – which a 60-year-old Roman ordered in 1969. And proudly drove it around the capital of Italy. When the car found a new owner years later, he had a dream.
Opel Rocks Electric

The Sushi Taxi with the Blitz

A delivery service for Japanese culinary delicacies relies on the electric quadricycle from Rüsselsheim: “Sushi 51” uses an Opel Rocks Electric to make deliveries to customers who value sustainability.
My Opel

The Art of the Comeback

Thomas Scheid has given his Opel Rallye 2.0 E a special revival – one that he has been preparing for 30 years.
MOKKA A meeting with Moses Pelham. Rödelheimer. Rap legend. Music producer. Opel fan. He shows us his Frankfurt, stations of his life. And we show him the electric Mokka-e.
Corsa-e Fill it up with sunshine: Volker Simon realised his personal energy revolution and since then, he has powered his Opel Corsa-e with energy generated via his roof.
The New Astra Chief engineer Mariella Vogler explains why the newcomer was developed differently from any Opel before and which facets contain feelings.
Manta GSe The dream, the team, the technology: This is how the ElektroMOD was created. An emissions-free neo-classic that builds a bridge from tradition to a sustainable future.


“Opel electrifies Berlin!” That was the motto of the media drive for the new Astra Electric. Not only journalists from all over Europe put the newcomer through its paces. VIPs like the actress Collien Ulmen-Fernandes also took the opportunity to drop in for a visit.
Opel Motorsport

Let’s Drift!

Opel Motorsport invited journalists to a track test with the Corsa Rally Electric.

Opel Rocks Munich

#IAA2023 – what an appearance! Not only the Opel Experimental attracted a lot of attention.
Wallpapers Whether as a background on the desktop, smartphone or during the video call - show your affiliation to #TeamOpel.
It Starts With a Sketch Exclusively for the readers of Opel Post magazine, here is a selection of the most beautiful design drafts by Erhard Schnell or Hideo Kodama for download.
Go for It! Astra GSe, Mokka Electric, Rocks-e and more: With our colouring templates, you can design your favourite Opel.
Opel at Heart The Opel Post page for kids features a craft template for the RAK 2 rocket car and a car template to glue together your own Opel.