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160 years ago, Adam Opel first drew attention to his young company with a newspaper advertisement.

Oldest Driving School Drives Opels

It all started with an Opel Doppel-Phaeton 12/14 PS in 1910. Today, the Dobberkau driving school’s vehicle of choice is the Opel Mokka Electric.

Ready for Girl Power

At this year's “Girls' Day” in Rüsselsheim, almost 70 girls met female engineers, IT specialists and aspiring mechatronics engineers – role models who show that technical competence is not linked to gender.
Instantly Seduced New 360-degree campaign for the Mokka Electric: the star alongside the SUV bestseller is a bright yellow charging cable that comes to life.
Number 1 in April The Corsa returned to the summit of the registration charts in Germany. It also reclaimed first place in the small car category in the 2023 annual ranking.
Click for Classic Studies, touring cars and golden sixties: three new themed tours complement the virtual walks through the Classic Collection.
Best of Opel 2022 160 year of innovations, the start of a new era, “GSe” returns: This video recalls the highlights of 2022 – an electrifying year for Opel in every respect.
Opel Corsa

“All-in for Electromobility”

Actor Jan Bülow is fascinated by electromobility, his current car: an Opel Corsa-e. In an interview, the Opel product tester talks about why he currently prefers to be on stage rather than in front of the camera and how he balances consumption with a sustainable lifestyle.

BlitzKids, Get to Your Pencils!

Astra GSe, Mokka Electric, Rocks-e and Co.: Opel is going electric and our BlitzKids colouring templates are also quite electrified. Let your imagination run wild and design your favourite model just the way you like it.
Opel GSe

Where Wind and Waves Roar

What helps against the winter blues? A road trip south - in the new Opel Grandland GSe. Where are we headed? To Tarifa, the southernmost city in Europe. Where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet in the Strait of Gibraltar.
Mokka Head into snow-covered mountains with an electric car? Is that a good idea? The Stecher family took a test drive from Rüsselsheim to the Allgäu.
Corsa-e Fill it up with sunshine: Volker Simon realised his personal energy revolution and since then, he has powered his Opel Corsa-e with energy generated via his roof.
The New Astra Chief engineer Mariella Vogler explains why the newcomer was developed differently from any Opel before and which facets contain feelings.
Manta GSe The dream, the team, the technology: This is how the ElektroMOD was created. An emissions-free neo-classic that builds a bridge from tradition to a sustainable future.
Opel GSe

“GSe” Approved

Experienced by 400 journalists in Andalusia:When the legendary letters adorn the bodywork, the signs point to driving enjoyment.


From sewing machines to bicycles to automobiles - the Opel history is rich in treasures. But there are also some products “Made in Rüsselsheim” that have been forgotten. To mark the company's 160th birthday, we've tracked down a dozen “OPEL SECRETS” in the archive.

No Compromises

Filling up in a few minutes, decent storage space and zero emissions at the same time: Opel is the first company to put a hydrogen LCV on the road. Out and about with Miele service technician Ognjen Tasic in his new company car, an Opel Vivaro-e HYDROGEN.
Wallpapers Whether as a background on the desktop, smartphone or during the video call - show your affiliation to #TeamOpel.
It Starts With a Sketch Exclusively for the readers of Opel Post magazine, here is a selection of the most beautiful design drafts by Erhard Schnell or Hideo Kodama for download.
Go for It! Astra GSe, Mokka Electric, Rocks-e and more: With our colouring templates, you can design your favourite Opel.
Opel at Heart The Opel Post page for kids features a craft template for the RAK 2 rocket car and a car template to glue together your own Opel.