BlitzKids, Get to Your Pencils!

Astra GSe, Mokka Electric, Rocks-e and Co.: Opel is going electric and our BlitzKids colouring templates are also quite electrified. The sporty GSe models should come in a tiger look? Or how about a Rocks-e in blue with red details? Let your imagination run wild and design your favourite model just the way you like it. Have fun painting!

WHAT’S UP CORNERS? Careful when you colour it in: This Astra with electrified plug-in hybrid can be darned fast. The letters “GSe” stand for “Grand Sport electric”. You’ll find them on all particularly sporty Opel models. Download

SUM, SUM, SUM The electric Rocks-e can be driven from the age of 15 with an AM driving licence. The small two-seater is not a car, but a SUM. This stands for “Sustainable Urban Mobility”. Download

WHOOSH! Whenever you see the three letters “GSe” on an Opel, it’s a particularly sporty model. This Grandland GSe is a high-performance hybrid SUV with 300 hp! Download

TAKE A LOOK! The Mokka is the first model to wear the new Opel face: the Opel Vizor. This is the name of the front that looks like the visor of a motorbike helmet. Download

THE NUMBER 1 The Opel Corsa is celebrating its 40th birthday. And if you see the Corsa very often on the road, it’s no wonder: it’s the best-selling small car in Germany. Download

THE SPORTY ONE The Opel GT Concept (2016) is a concept study. This is a car that will only be built once and is intended to show what models will look like in the future.Download

SO BEAUTIFUL The Monza Concept is also a concept study. It was presented in 2013. The special feature: The Monza Concept has gullwing doors that open upwards. Download

December 2022