Full Power Ahead!

Do you know the term flagship? The term comes from shipping. It refers to the largest ship of a shipping company. Opel now also has a new flagship SUV, the new Opel Grandland, because it is the largest and most stylish SUV model from Rüsselsheim. If some parts of the new Opel looks familiar to you, you’re right! The Grandland adopts many of the ideas that the designers put into the Experimental concept car. These include the new 3D Vizor at the front. The Opel Blitz logo in the Vizor lights up, and the OPEL lettering at the rear is illuminated too. And of course the Grandland runs on electricity – it can travel up to 700 kilometres on one charge of the battery.

Copper-coloured with a black roof – this is the colour scheme of the new Grandland in the first photos. What will yours look like?

FROM CONCEPT TO REALITY Innovative technologies and design elements that were previously only seen in the Experimental concept car make the new Grandland Opel’s flagship SUV. Have fun colouring!  Download

June 2024

Colouring page: Kathi Beil C/O Formgeber