Experimental Art

The Opel Experimental shows where Opel is heading in the coming years. This begins with the drive: the Experimental is battery-electric, all four wheels are powered. And it continues with the appearance. What stands out? At first glance, the smooth surfaces, the muscular wheel arches, instead of chrome there are light elements. The Experimental is the first Opel to bear the new, now glowing lightning logo. You miss the exterior mirrors? There aren’t any. Integrated 180-degree cameras on the C-pillars replace them. And at the rear, instead of the logo, there’s the OPEL lettering, which also lights up. Have fun colouring!

The Opel Experimental celebrated its world premiere at the IAA Mobility in Munich.

OPEL EXPERIMENTAL The study gives a glimpse of how Opel envisions the brand’s future cars – electric, easy and exciting. Grab the colouring template and your pens and bring colour into play. Download

September 2023

Colouring template: Kathi Beil C/O Formgeber