For Kids With Opel at Heart

Go For it!

Our BlitzKids mandala is all about the Opel Blitz. You can design the new Corsa to your own taste with our circular painting template.

Have fun coloring

Do You would you rather have a Corsa-e with zebra stripes and green rims? With the BlitzKids painting templates you can take over the finish and design your favorite Opel according to your wishes.

Go for it!

Build Your Own Car!

You don’t have to wait until you grow up to get your very own Opel! You can use our paper car template to glue together an Opel ADAM – and you can color it however you want.

Have fun putting together your car 

With a roaring hiss, clouds of smoke are left hanging over the runway. It is over in seconds, but talk of the daredevil »Rocket Fritz« endures. Loaded with 120 kilograms of dynamite, Fritz von Opel launches the RAK 2 on May 23, 1928, on the AVUS testing track in Berlin. Would you like to walk in the footsteps of the audacious Fritz and craft your own rocket car?

Here is the instruction

November 2021