An appearance with charisma: Opel presented itself future-proof at the most important motor show at the start of the year – with no less than four world premieres.

100 Per Cent Electrified

Finally back: see cars up close and experience premieres live! After a two-year break, the 100th Brussels Motor Show attracted more than a quarter of a million visitors to the Expo grounds of the Belgian capital in January. And Opel demonstrated how motor shows can still unfold their magic – with a range of cars tailored to the needs of the customers.

All the vehicles with the ‘Blitz’ exhibited in hall 5 were either fully electric or electrified plug-in hybrids – including four world premieres. Making their public debut in Brussels were the battery-electric Astra Electric, the sporty Astra Sports Tourer GSe, the top-of-the-line SUV Grandland GSe and the Mokka Electric with a new battery and 20 per cent more range.

“The Astra Electric will give further impetus to electric mobility in the important compact class”, said Opel CEO Florian Huettl.
The Astra Electric celebrated its public debut in Brussels. It is the first battery-electric Astra.
The Opel Combo-e showed how suitable the electrification of commercial vehicles already is for everyday use.

“Our fully electrified line-up shows that we are making great strides towards our goal of becoming an all-electric brand.”

Opel CEO Florian Huettl

And with this electrified line-up, Opel met the taste in Belgium: registrations of battery-electric new cars in the country soared by 65.9 per cent in 2022, and there were also strong increases in hybrid models (up 38 per cent) and plug-in hybrids (up 24 per cent). “This trend was also confirmed during the days of the show: The appetite for electrification in this region is growing,” concluded Michel Vercruyssen, Managing Director Opel Belux. The interest in the Astra Electric was enormous, especially among fleet customers.

First-hand information

The Brussels Motor Show is traditionally a sales show, every third car sale in Belgium is sold around the event. A total of 50 carmakers displayed their new wares during the 100th edition, about half of all exhibited models were electrified or semi-electrified – a figure that Opel could easily top with its 100 per cent electrified range. “Whether range or charging times – many visitors came to our stand with specific questions about electrification,” explained Michel Vercruyssen. The “How-to-Electric” zone offered real added value: visitors could explore the possibilities of charging in a simple and understandable way.

Full of energy: All Opel models shown at the stand shared with Stellantis brands were fully electric or plug-in hybrids.
Interest in the Astra Electric was high – “especially among fleet customers”, said Michel Vercruyssen, Managing Director Opel Belux.
The Opel team was available to answer visitors‘ questions on all days of the motor show.
The newcomers from the GSe sub-brand also made their debut: the Astra Sports Tourer GSe (rear) and the Grandland GSe.
The compact SUV comes as the Mokka Electric with a new battery and 20 per cent more range.

“Many took advantage of the opportunity to order their Opel model directly online and have it delivered to their home.”

Michel Vercruyssen, Managing Director Opel Belux

Opel not only plays a leading role in the electrification of its portfolio, but also in online sales. At least one of seven Opel models is currently sold online – hand in hand with the dealers. Visitors to the stand also had the opportunity to discover and configure the portfolio online in the Mobility Corner.

Leading in online sales

“Many customers took advantage of the opportunity to order their Opel model directly online and have it delivered to their home,” says Michel Vercruyssen. Even though the show ended on January 22, the period for closing sales continues into February. “At the dealers, the offers made at the show are now being translated into financing and private leasing offers,” said the Managing Director.

The cosy lounge chairs were an invitation to stay.
The stand-appearance in Brussels was based on teamwork.
The models with the ‘Blitz’ took centre stage: “They are the stars that we let shine,” explained Pierre-Olivier Garcia.

Visually, too, the Opel stand attracted everyone’s attention, the yellow slash that spanned the Opel stand could be seen easily from the main entrance. “We wanted to create an appearance that was outstanding,” said Pierre-Olivier Garcia, Global Brand Design Manager at Opel. He developed the stand concept together with brand marketing specialists Quentin Huber and Mikael Deschamps. “It follows the same philosophy as our models – ‘Bold & Pure’.”

Visually strong and sustainable

“The models with Blitz are the focus: they are the stars that we let shine,” Garcia explained. At the same time, the team has placed emphasis on sustainability: The cosy lounge chairs where visitors could take a seat or the showcases where merchandise was displayed are the same furniture that will be used at Opel dealerships from this year onwards. “Opel had an eye-catching appearance in Brussels that also set standards in terms of efficiency,” said Garcia.

February 2023

Photos: Opel