Tina Ruland not only drives a Mokka Electric in “Manta, Manta – Zwoter Teil”. The actress also drives the SUV from Rüsselsheim in her private life.

Mokka Instead of Manta

Tina Ruland made her big breakthrough in 1991 with her role as Uschi in “Manta Manta”. When the cult film now returns to the big screen, the actress will of course be back in her famous role – alongside Til Schweiger. And Ruland has fond memories of the “magical filming” in the summer of 2022, including her driving scenes. They were particularly relaxed. She immediately mastered the Opel Mokka Electric, which the actress drives according to the script, as if it were her own. No wonder: Tina Ruland is an Opel product tester and also drives the battery-electric model from Rüsselsheim in her private life. In an interview with Opel Post, she reveals why the bold SUV suits her and her film character Uschi so well.

Ms Ruland, what excites you about the Opel Mokka Electric?
First of all, it’s simply fun to drive electrically. I live in Berlin, so I need something manoeuvrable to get into parking spaces. But as a mother of two, I also need space in the car. And I want to feel safe. This is ensured in my Mokka by assistance systems such as the front collision warning system and the 180-degree rear view camera. And, very importantly, I can charge electricity from renewable sources anywhere. It’s a quiet and emission-free way to get around town, and it’s comfortable, too. For me, this is responsible mobility that is also fun.

“For me, the Mokka Electric is responsible mobility, that is fun.”

Tina Ruland

Before she took off in 1991 with “Manta, Manta”, Tina Ruland had already made her debut as a television actress with a guest role in the TV series “Die lieben Verwandten”. From 1993 to 1998 she played a continuous leading role in the successful TV series “Nicht von schlechten Eltern”. Since then she has been on the cast lists of numerous TV films, especially romantic comedies such as “Mit fünfzig küssen Männer anders” or “Frauen, die Prosecco trinken”, travelled several times on the “Traumschiff” or checked into the “Traumhotel”. She also appeared in episodes of well-known crime series such as “SOKO”, “Tatort” or “Großstadtrevier”.

She returned to the cinema screen in the Czech productions “The Magic Book” and “The Firebird”, and played the role of a mathematics teacher in the German cinema comedy “Harte Jungs”. Last year, Tina Ruland made a guest appearance in the German version of “I’m a celebrity”.

And how does the Opel Mokka suit your film character Uschi?
The Mokka Electric is the perfect fit. Uschi is now a businesswoman with her heart in the right place. She needs something stylish, efficient and modern at the same time. She runs several hairdressing salons at the same time, so she’s on the road a lot and needs a car that’s easy to handle. And she always thinks positively, so it makes sense for her to drive electric. Especially as she is a mother of two, like me.

It sounds like if you and Uschi are extremely close even after a 30-year break….
You bet! When Til Schweiger called me and told me that we were shooting a sequel to “Manta, Manta”, I cheered loudly because I would get to play Uschi again. And when I got the script, I read it in one go – and was thrilled! Uschi is not just back as a decorative accessory, but is now a mature woman with her own story. Emotionally mature, but still lovable. Of course she has also changed visually in these 30 years, but she stands by her age. Because it would be ridiculous for her to want to look the way she did before.

Tina Ruland and Til Schweiger join forces again. The two celebrated their breakthrough in 1991 with “Manta, Manta”. Til Schweiger directed, wrote, co-produced and edited the sequel to the cult comedy.
Of course, the candy-coloured Manta B also stars. And the cult that began in 1991 is still going strong: When extras were sought, 11,000 enthusiastic fans came forward to be part of the sequel. Now cinemas are inviting people to Manta meetings to coincide with the film’s release.
“The film the nation has been waiting for 30 years” – that’s what the film poster says. The main roles are played by (from left) Tina Ruland, Tim Oliver Schultz, Luna Schweiger and Till Schweiger.
The star line-up in the sequel is large: In addition to former German international Lukas Podolski, Youtuber JP Kramer (photo) can also be seen in a guest role.

„We have retold ‘Manta, Manta’ in a contemporary way.“

How was it to shoot a sequel after all these years?
Reuniting with Til (Schweiger), Michael (Kessler) and Martin (Armknecht) was a very special feeling. To embrace each other and know that we were working together again in this constellation after more than thirty years was highly emotional. The night before the first day of shooting, we all went to the cinema and watched the first part together. After that, everyone really wanted to get started.

Looking back: What significance does „Manta, Manta“ have in your career after all these years?
Basically, the film has accompanied me all my life. It marked my breakthrough as an actress, was the most successful cinema film of 1992 with 1.2 million viewers, and when it was broadcast on television almost 11.5 million viewers tuned in – making it the most successful film ever shown on private television to this day. I have always been asked about Uschi – and I have always loved it.

“Manta, Manta – Zwoter Teil”

30 years after the racy adventures in Part 1, time hasn’t exactly been kind to the original Manta – or its owner. Bertie’s (Til Schweiger) car repair shop and go-kart track are not doing well. The former daredevil has given up his racing career and is separated from his wife Uschi (Tina Ruland), who now runs a successful chain of hairdressing salons. When he falls behind with the repayment of a loan, the bank threatens Bertie with foreclosure of his property. So he comes up with a daring plan: he wants to compete again in the 90s race on the Bilster Berg – and use the prize money to rehabilitate himself. To do this, he first has to turn his old Manta back into the rocket it once was. He has four weeks to do this, but now of all times Uschi asks him to look after their son Daniel (Tim Oliver Schultz). A chaotic month begins …

“Manta, Manta – Zwoter Teil” opens in cinemas on  March 30. Michael Kessler, Moritz Bleibtreu, Luna Schweiger, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Axel Stein or Nilam Farooq all joined the cast. And JP Kraemer, Lukas Podolski and Frank Buschmann also have guest appearances.

Uschi has grown on you?
The greatest thing you can achieve as an actress is making a role your own. A few years ago I visited the exhibition “The Germans and their favourite child” at the museum “Haus der Geschichte”. Our Manta was there and our film was on continuous loop, which was very moving. Even my Opel Mokka Electric has a piece of Manta in it: its distinctive Opel Vizor front design is inspired by the Manta. That’s what I learnt when was attending a recent test-drive event for the fast GSe models near Malaga.

Ms Ruland, thank you for the interview!

This battery-electric Mokka Electric in matt grey is driven by the successful businesswoman Uschi in part 2 of the cult comedy.

March 2023

Photos: Opel, Constantin Film