Tell us about your
home office highlights



“I’m an experienced home officer.
The most important rule is, get up in the morning.”


Video call greeting:
“And? What are you wearing today? Track suit or shirt?”


The most frequent sentences in Skype meetings:
“Can you hear me?” and/or
“Can you see me?” and/or
“Can you see my screen?”


“Home office is OK –
but the canteen is awful!”


Funniest moment: “I was in a call with a dozen colleagues, when my daughter behind me called: ‘Look Daddy, I’m naked!’”



“Oh, that was the doorbell,
I’ll be right back.”


“What’s that behind you –
have you got a cat?”


“Can you repeat that, you disappeared for a moment?”



“Weren’t you wearing that pullover yesterday?”


“I’m outside at the moment, does the phone still work?”


Tell us about your home office highlights opel.post@opel.de


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