The Name is
Manta – Opel Manta

How does it work?

1 Choose the right size for your screen resolution.

2 Click on the photograph with the right mouse button and choose “Save as background”. That’s it!

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A car as timeless as Her Majesty’s most famous secret agent. Launched over 50 years ago with a four-cylinder petrol engine, today the Manta is once again in top form, as the first electric MOD in the history of the German brand. The new Opel Manta Gse ElektroMOD combines the best of both worlds: the classic appearance of a style icon together with state-of-the-art technology for sustainable motoring. The one-off was not created just anywhere. It was created at Opel itself. Developed and designed by Opel employees. So much pure love for cars definitely belongs as a motif on the screen or as background scenery in many video calls. Or not?

May 2021