There can only be one!

Rugged cliffs, rolling green hills, a harsh climate, mystical lochs, and bravehearts wearing kilts, playing the bagpipes, and drinking whisky: These all go together, and represent just a few of the well-worn clichés about Scotland. “There is a lot more to discover over there,” says Markus Schlenger. A designer in the Chassis/Thermal department, Schlenger has been traveling regularly through this part of Great Britain for nearly 20 years. But his experience of Scotland was never more powerful than it was this year. This time around, he didn’t arrive by plane and rent a car to travel across his favorite country. Instead, he took a tour in his own Opel – a Mokka X.

Like a boss – even without

He drove first to Dunkirk in France, boarded the ferry to Dover, and went from there via Liverpool to Glasgow, up the north-east coast trail, through Cairngorms National Park to Braemer, where the Highland Games take place every year under the patronage of the English monarchy, and then on to Edinburgh to the famous Arthur’s Seat. Schlenger and his Mokka X covered around a third of the tour’s 5,300 kilometers in Scotland. It was litmus test that both of them passed with flying colors.

Baa! Better think twice before picking up this hitchhiker.

Oh ye’ll take the high road and I’ll take the low A traditional Scottish song is the perfect accompaniment for a drive through Cairngorms National Park.

Enjoy the seaside view Markus Schlenger and the Opel Mokka X.

Just follow the road On the way to Braemer, where the legendary Highland Games take place each year.

“No matter how the weather was, how steep the climb, whatever the road conditions – the Mokka X never let me down. And it isn’t even a four-wheel drive model.” A couple of times after particularly muddy excursions, the all-rounder looked like something out of a TV commercial with Jürgen Klopp and Bettina Zimmermann – “But that’s what car washes are for.”

Speaking of Klopp, Schlenger is a Mainz 05 fan. It was an honor for him to stop in Liverpool and take a look at the current workplace of the famous coach. As an added bonus, he even had the opportunity to retrace the steps of the legendary Beatles.

The Scottish have never seen
a Mokka that isn‘t royal blue


The Mokka X caused quite a sensation, which the Opel employee thoroughly enjoyed. “I had chosen an Arctic Blue model, a color that Vauxhall doesn’t carry.” People often commented on the car, especially since he made a point of parking it in conspicuous places, such as in front of pubs.

Conclusion: Driving around Scotland in a Mokka X was an X-tremely good idea. He would definitely do it again. “Scotland is very much worth visiting at different times of the year, because the light changes according to the different weather conditions and the altitude of the sun. The only times he doesn’t recommend visiting are during July and August. “There are too many midgies, these stinging insects, flying about.”

Snapshots A Smurf playing the bagpipes in the cockpit. Mokka outside, beer inside. A stop in Liverpool to worship an idol.

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