Antje Fink aus Eisenach mit ihrem neuen Grandland X

“Soon A Real Thuringian”

Ready to go: Antje Fink in her new Grandland X.

The Opel Grandland X celebrated its world premiere exactly one year ago at the IAA Frankfurt international motor show. In the meantime Opel’s newest sport utility vehicle (SUV) has established itself very successfully in the market segment. Since sales began in summer 2017 customers have placed more than 100,000 orders for the dynamic SUV, with about 25 percent of them coming from Germany. Demand is especially high for the Grandland X with technology and comfort features such as AFL LED adaptive forward lighting and the Navi 5.0 IntelliLink infotainment system.


“Not only sporty but
also comfortable”


In the most recent production allocations, Groupe PSA decided that the Grandland X will be made at the Eisenach plant from 2019 onward. A Grandland X representing the 100,000 customers was therefore delivered by Autohaus Schorr in Eisenach. The happy owner, Antje Fink said: “I ordered the Grandland X because it is not only sporty but also comfortable. The LED headlamps and the excellent AGR seats are simply ‘must-haves’. And the Grandland X will also be built here, which makes it a real Thuringian.”


September 2018

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Photos: Katrin Denkewitz