Rüsselsheim,17.11.2017, Adventsquiz in der Opel Calssic Werkstatt mit Jens Cooper , Foto: Alexander Heimann / Vollformat Fotografie Dziemballa Heimann UG, Schäfergasse 5, 65428 R`heim, Fon 0177-5626350, Bankverbindung Kreissparkasse Gross Gerau BLZ. 50852553 , KTO. 16003352. Alle Honorare zzgl. 7% MwSt. Steuer NR: 02137830174

Deep exotic rumbling

The sound of the Admiral V8

Straight European Although the design of the 1965 Admiral was influenced by the American style, it also reflected a new form of practicality without additional metal plates and ornaments. This came as no surprise: only one year before the very first European Opel design studio had just begun its work in Rüsselsheim.

Only 622 cars were built


It was our colleague Jens Cooper who suggested the Opel Admiral with V8-engine and who actually started it. KAD – Kapitän, Admiral and Diplomat were “The big Three” in the top ranks of the Opel world in the 60ies and 70ies. Although with more than 55,000 cars, the Admiral was the most sold model in this category; the V8-version with a 4.6 l engine with 190 horse powers was regarded as exotic. Only 622 cars were built between 1965 and 1968. The chassis was adapted to the higher performance, and the stronger shafts, axes, wheels, tires and breaks were included in the price of 15,950 Mark. The engine originally came from the huge shelves of Chevrolet. With this engine, the Admiral was able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just about 10 seconds.


Zeitgeist of the sixties Ash trees ware available on both the left and the right side integrated in the red leather of the doors.

No lateral support The red leather seats look more like a sofa. When driving fast curves you might still hold onto the steering wheel.

Outlook The speed roller runs horizontally. And another nice detail: With rising speed, the speedometer changes its color: up to 50 km/h it is green, up to 100 km/h it is orange and beyond that it turns bright red.

December 2017

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Photos: Alex Heimann