The Opel year 2020: The brand with the Blitz presented itself as anything but ordinary in the past months

but ordinary

2020 was a challenging year, unusual in every respect. Opel too presented itself as anything but ordinary in the past months. Mid-year the manufacturer drove boldly and clearly into the future with the new Opel Mokka. 

The introduction of the Opel Vivaro-e, Opel Zafira-e Life and the first manufacturer-developed battery-electric rally vehicle, the Corsa-e Rally, show that Opel is electric and on track for continued success. The best example: the Opel Corsa-e also won the “Golden Steering Wheel” after the AUTOBEST award. The video “Best of Opel 2020” recaps the fast-paced journey through time in just 60 seconds.

Video „Best of Opel 2020“

The TOP5 highlights 2020


In January, Opel started 2020 with the world premiere of the new Opel Insignia in Brussels. In addition to the Grand Sport limousine and the Sports Tourer estate, the new design of the sporty GSi was also on display. The top athlete of the Insignia family comes with the 169 kW/230 hp two-litre turbo petrol engine, nine-speed automatic and Twinster all-wheel drive including torque vectoring. The new adaptive IntelliLux LED® Pixel Light provides glare-free brightness.

A real highlight: The new adaptive IntelliLux LED® Pixel Light of the Insignia now features a total of 168 LED elements – 84 per headlamp.


Opel also achieved pioneering achievements in a completely different vehicle segment with the Opel Corsa. The best-selling small car, voted “Best Buy Car of Europe 2020” by AUTOBEST, its electric version Corsa-e won the “Golden Steering Wheel 2020” in its class. Additionally, the newcomer became the best-selling small car in Germany over the months – remarkable: around one in three new Corsas also rolls off the production line as the Corsa-e.  

Sets standards: The best-selling small car in Germany Opel Corsa and Corsa-e.


With the Opel Corsa-e Rally, the Rüsselsheim-based company is the first manufacturer to develop a battery-electric rally vehicle. Opel and the ADAC will be launching the world’s first fully electric rally one-make cup from the 2021 season: the ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup.

The Corsa-e Rally: The brand with the Blitz takes its traditional commitment to motorsport into the future.


The new Opel Mokka was a highlight in 2020, announced in the spring as a true innovation leader for the brand. At its world premiere in September, the newcomer was the first to present the new Opel design language with the new brand face, the Opel Vizor, as well as the redesigned Opel Blitz lightning bolt emblem and centrally aligned model name at the rear. The new Mokka is also the first Opel with the Pure Panel and a fully digital cockpit.

And it is available at the start of sales both with electric drive as the Mokka-e and with highly efficient combustion engines. The new Mokka was designed and developed from scratch in Rüsselsheim – it is meant to be bold and pure. A car with which Opel virtually reinvents itself.

Bold, pure, electrifying: The new Opel Mokka makes its mark in 2020.


At the turn of the year, Opel is also bringing its new self-image and bold, pure look to the fore in words and images: the now more finely drawn brand logo, the new “Opel Next” font and the bright Opel yellow signal the brands innovative strength. The goal is to be even more modern and courageous in appearance. Opel has always stood for the democratisation of innovation and mobility. “New Opel” now expresses this spirit with its fresh corporate identity.

Concentrating on the essentials: With a focus on the Blitz, the ring in the new brand logo makes itself correspondingly slim.


Next year will be just as electrifying, with further models in the new Opel look and the comprehensive electrification of the Opel model range. As early as 2021, the complete commercial vehicle portfolio consisting of Vivaro, Movano and Combo will be electric.

December 2020

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