Customer Receives Zafira Tourer


Brand loyalty pays off: Anna Katharina Dionysius receives the 2.0 CDTI Zafira Tourer from Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann.



This is what a happy Opel customer looks like: Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann met Anna Katharina Dionysius in front of Adam Opel House to officially present her with a new 2.0 CDTI Zafira Tourer. She won the compact van during GM’s 500MillionThanks event in May.

Earlier this year, General Motors celebrated reaching the milestone of 500 million vehicles built globally. It was this occasion that prompted the giveaway campaign. Anna Katharina Dionysius is one of five GM customers around the world that represents the great army of Opel, Chevy, and Buick fans. For this, she was given a brand new car. Dionysius was chosen on account of her personal story.

The young woman was involved in an accident in her Astra. She was lucky to escape with minor injuries and later took to Facebook to praise her Astra and thank the Opel engineers for their “great work.”

Dionysius was over the moon when she got the keys: “The Zafira Tourer is my dream car. It’s got top-notch features and it’s in my favorite color, white,” gushed Dionysius. She also revealed that there will be another new Opel in the Dionysius house soon. “My husband currently drives an Astra Sports Tourer and he wants to order a new Astra,” says the happy Opel customer.