600 Movano for education

Following a public bid in Romania, Opel delivers its largest fleet of school buses: 600 Movano units. The handover of the first batch of 100 cars was made during a press event managed by the Government, in front of the institution’s building in downtown Bucharest.


Foto: Mediafax Foto.

100 Movano vehicles have been handed over now, another 500 units are being prepared.


Press and officials together learned the stories of the small cities and villages where the cars will help children attend school. The 600 Movano cars will be headed to the rural areas of the country and the conversion for 16+1 passengers will provide 9,600 children the chance to proper schooling conditions.


Romania’s Prime Minister, the Minister of Development and the Minister of Education, together with the press met the mayors and drivers from the first 100 villages that will be using the Opel cars for children’s transport. This introductory event will be followed by the handovers of the rest of 500 cars. The Movano cars, all with a 2.3 CDTI engine, were converted in Romania by a local supplier and were delivered by the local Opel organization according to plan, in a staggered phasing that allowed to ensure the school year can start in force.



The media interest was high at the ceremony, attended by the Romanian president and several cabinet members.


Air conditioning is provided in the entire car, available for all passengers. The cars have been homologated according to the safety features stipulated by European regulations. The client asked for speed limitation at 90 km/h and all the Movano have been delivered as such. The cars have 5 years warranty and the backup of the professional aftersales partners’ network across the country.