‘7 in 17’ – Opel has never before in its venerable history launched this many new car models for sale in a calendar year.

‘7 in 17’ – More New Opel Models Than Ever Before



Der Reichweiten-Champion: Der neue Opel Ampera-e revolutioniert die Elektromobilität.

The long-range champion: The Opel Ampera-e signifies a revolution in electric mobility.


Opel’s pace is impressive, and the company is stepping up things even more in 2017: Opel will be “a completely new brand by the end of next year,” announced Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, GM Executive Vice President & President Europe. Opel will start 2017 with its largest offering of new models, with seven excellent reasons – ‘7 in 17.’

The new year will begin with a new flagship vehicle, the Insignia Grand Sport, and the electric car Ampera-e, which has been lauded for its magnificent driving range. Moreover, two crossover SUVs will make their debut: the Crossland X and the Grandland X. These two new members of the X-family will flank the already bestselling MOKKA X when launched in 2017. The Crossland X is situated in the B-segment, and the Grandland X will enhance the compact class.

The Insignia Sports Tourer, the spacious station wagon, is the fifth in the line-up of new models. And the Sports Tourer receives a new member of the family with the new Insignia Country Tourer, a model ready to embark on new adventures with its all-wheel drive and off-road style. A well-versed traveler, the Vivaro rounds off the next year’s offering with improved comfort and flexibility.


Die X-Familie von Opel wächst weiter: Zu MOKKA X und Crossland X stößt nun der neue Grandland X.

The X-family is growing at Opel: The new Grandland X joins the MOKKA X and the Crossland X.


Opel’s new flagship vehicle: A five-door sedan, the Insignia Grand Sport, debuts in 2017.