A Miniature Astra Model for Chancellor Angela Merkel




Gift: Miniature Opel Astra model color-coordinated with the chancellor’s blazer.





High-ranking Frankfurt Motor Show visitors at the Opel booth: German Chancellor Angela Merkel stopped by during her official opening tour and caught up on the latest premieres presented by the Rüsselsheim-based carmaker. The focus was on the new Astra, and she took time to take a very close look at it.

Opel Group CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, Chief Marketing Officer Tina Müller, Managing Director Purchasing and Supply Chain Katherine Worthen and Vice President GM Quality Europe Elvira Tölkes welcomed the chancellor. Volker Bouffier, the Premiere of the Federal State of Hesse and VDA (German Automotive Industry Association) President Matthias Wissmann were also part of the group of high-profile visitors.

Dr. Neumann presented the chancellor with a miniature Opel Astra model in exactly the same color as her blazer to mark the occasion. Young Opel designers had airbrushed the model in record time behind the scenes. The idea was born after Chancellor Merkel’s last visit to the Opel booth: two years ago, she was delighted with an Opel ADAM on exhibit whose “Berry Red” was the same color as the blazer she had on.