Ready for a #AMPventure: Richard Brzozowski, Head of Production at ellevant, Philip Werner, Founder and Managing Director at ellevant, and Max Fischer of GermanRoamers (from left to right) with the Opel Ampera-e at the starting point in Oslo.

#AMPventure-Tour: With Opel Ampera-e across Europe


Truly authentic: The protagonists of the #AMPventure will rely on the existing infrastructure in each country they visit to recharge the batteries of the Opel Ampera-e.

Eletromobility only fits short distances? No way! The new Opel Ampera-e is also made for the long track. Since the end of May, a team of bloggers and VIPs has been testing the car’s touring qualities. During the truly electrifying five-week trip across Europe starting from Oslo, the team will visit Paris, Bilbao, Barcelona, Cannes, Geneva and Munich before coming to the Opel headquarters in Rüsselsheim.

For Opel’s electric scope champion, such a trip is a not a real challenge thanks to its unmatched reach of up to 520 kilometres (NEDC), its sports-car-compatible acceleration and its comfortable interior space. The 150 kW/204 PS strong electric engine with its maximum torque of 360 Nm starting from zero ensures comfortable driving dynamics.

On their trip across Europe, the #AMPventure team will meet innovative people and companies committed to sustainable lifestyles and the future of mobility. In several interviews with local opinion leaders and innovators, they will address current questions and challenges for e-mobility. Throughout the trip, Ampera-e fans can follow and share the experiences of the team and particularly feel the new Opel from low distance and from every viewpoint thanks to the pictures from GermanRoamers, a collective of photographers (Max Fischer, Jannik Heck, Leo Thomas, Daniel Ernst and Max Münch), and the videos from ellevant (Philip Werner).

During the #AMPventure tour, the Opel Ampera-e has to go to its limits to show its skills. The team wants to know: How does the e-car perform on the street? How long does it take to recharge it without additional support from a second car only on the basis of the infrastructure that every Ampera-e driver relies upon? How many kilometres can you drive with one load in under real conditions? During the trip, the actors Ken Duken, Karim Guenes, Lucas Reiber and the lifestyle blogger Nilam Farooq report via their own channels. Karim, Lucas and Nilam join the #AMPventure team for three days each. The high-performance 4G/LTE wireless network Hotspot from Opel OnStar makes sure that the crew is always online.

At the closure of the Euro tour, the Ampera-e will be seen on the red carpet of the Munich Film Festival before heading back home to Rüsselsheim on June 30. Opel marketing head Tina Müller explains the relevance of the whole project: “With #AMPventure we can present live and unfiltered impressions of the Ampera-e as a strong car for everyday use. Additionally, our blogger team will share all experiences and impressions with the #AMPventure followers over several social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.” At the end of the road trip, the winner of the #AMPventure-Opel Ampera-e will be chosen from all participants of the raffle.


Exciting excursion: Starting in Oslo the #AMPventure will take the team to some of Europe’s most pulsating and energetic metropolitan hubs.


June 2017