And the Winner is… #ADAMyourself

“The campaign is the best example of how much enthusiasm the car and lifestyle combination can create – and how individuals can make their dream car become reality.”
Elsa Touchard, brand manager strategy and sponsoring


Under the motto “Endless possibilities – exactly my style“, Opel has invited the internet and social media community to create its very own unique Opel ADAM on since December. The goal is to turn the best ADAM design into reality. The response to the campaign with ten creative lifestyle bloggers from different countries in Europe has been huge: to date, more than 3.3 million users from all over Europe have visited the website and spent an average of more than four minutes clicking through the various menus and stories.

In the process, they have created more than 100,000 individual ADAM styles, each exactly the way its creator wanted it. And now the twelve country winners have been named (two of the ten bloggers have each created styles for two countries). The ADAM designs will already begin rolling off the assembly line in their respective country from this fall.




Last update April 2016