BMX Pro Hits the ADAM Rocks


Cool, charismatic, and muscular: characteristics that the ADAM Rocks compact crossover and Senad Grosic, one of the top BMX professionals in the world, definitely share. Both of them flexed their muscles for photographer Philipp Schuster during a photo shoot at the plant in Vienna-Aspern, Austria, and produced some impressive pictures. BMX rider Grosic took a closer look at the ADAM family’s newest addition from every possible angle, even from above, and made the little pocket rocket (with the new three-cylinder 90/115 HP engine) part of his performance.


Nett schaut er aus – auch von oben

Two muscle men size each other up: Top BMX rider Senad Grosic gets a bird’s-eye view of the ADAM Rocks.


The two protagonists were on top form during the shoot. The ADAM Rocks showed off its distinctive bumpers and new chassis, which has been raised by an extra 15 millimeters. 17” lightweight alloy wheels and the visible underride guard gave a hint of what to expect from this car: an unlimited adventure both in the city and off road.


And what about BMX pro Grosic? He proved that he wasn’t afraid to take the plunge and demonstrated on his bike just how spectacular his tricks, such as a back-flip, could look when performed over the ADAM Rocks. Watch the “making of” video for more action from this sporty photo shoot.