Elite Researchers Travel to Turin


The Powertrain Engineering Center in Turin is further strengthening its position in the GM Group. Pierpaolo Antonioli, Managing Director of the Center, has recently been named Executive Director of Diesel Engines for the entire Group. Antonioli will now report directly to Steven Kiefer, Vice President Global Powertrain. In addition to these personnel matters, it was reported on the Open Day in Turin that the site will host this year’s PACE Global Forum together with the Polytechnic University of Turin. Antonioli and Marco Gilli, the Dean of the university, made the announcement. Over 300 students and researchers from the 64 most accredited universities around the world are set to take part in the forum, which will take place from 28 July to 1 August.


Kündigten auf einer Pressekonferenz das PACE Global Forum an: Pierpaolo Antonioli Center-Geschäftsführer und neuer Executive Director Dieselmotoren bei GM (Mitte),und Marco Gilli, Dekan der Polytechnischen Universität Turin (rechts), neben ihnen steht der bekannte italienische Astronaut Maurizio Cheli.

The PACE Global Forum is announced at a press conference: Pierpaolo Antonioli, Managing Director of the Powertrain Engineering Center and new Executive Director of Diesel Engines at GM (center), and Marco Gilli, Dean of the Polytechnic University of Turin (right), next to Italian astronaut Maurizio Cheli.


Apart from GM, the organizers of the PACE Global Forum include the companies Siemens PLM Software, HP, and Oracle. The event aims to develop training content and software foundations in order to better familiarize the next generation of engineers, graphic designers, and analysts with the demands of the market.

The Powertrain Engineering Center in Turin, which currently has around 570 employees, is responsible for all of the Group’s diesel engines around the world, including Opel/Vauxhall cars in Europe. Since the engineering center was founded in 2005, GM has invested more than €50 million in the site. “Our quality, expertise, and close cooperation with suppliers and local institutions like neighboring technical universities are essential factors for the success of our center, and these qualities are highly valued within GM,” says Antonioli.


Open Day at the Powertrain Engineering Center in Turin.