The Fire Department Now Arrives on the Scene in a Movano


The Rüsselsheim fire department has added a Movano 2.3 CDTI (L2H2) to its fleet of vehicles. The firefighters are using the light commercial vehicle as a crew carrier. The Movano has been adapted to meet the needs of the fire department. As a crew carrier, it comes with seating for six and a separate storage compartment, equipped with fire extinguishers, flashlights, and lashing straps, among other things. Moreover, the converted Movano now also includes features like flashing lights, a PA system, and a digital radio with a main switch and antenna. Other rather minor modifications have also been made. For instance, the vehicle has been fitted with step lights, and working lights have been installed on the rear of the van.


When looking for a new crew carrier, the Rüsselsheim fire department put out a nationwide call for tenders. Dealers from a number of carmakers submitted bids for the contract. Siebrecht Opel, based in Uslar in Lower Saxony, ultimately won the order. “The fact that this dealer ultimately prevailed with the Movano is a testimony to the quality of our brand,” says Illmann, who heads the department at Opel that specializes in customizing and conversions for commercial vehicles. During the tender process, Siebrecht Opel teamed up with Wagener Technik GmbH, a vehicle customizer in Kassel, which converted the Movano for use by the fire department. “We are responsible for finding an appropriate partner to perform the conversion,” says Illmann, “Opel has prepared a set of guidelines for certifying customizers. These focus on ensuring that the company is on a solid financial footing, on quality control during the conversion process, and on technical certification of the vehicle.”


According to Illmann, Opel wants to increase its focus on the commercial vehicle market going forward. Apart from the Movano, the base models of the Combo and the Vivaro are also gaining popularity. “There is demand from fire and police departments, from business customers, like contractors or catering firms, and for use in transporting patients and disabled people. The need for fully customized vehicles is growing, and we offer our dealers the right solutions to meet this demand.”