Opel CEO Uwe Hochgeschurtz and the Opel Mokka-e, which won the "Golden Steering Wheel 2021".

Fully Charged

2021 was an extraordinary year for Opel, full of challenges but also fully charged with energy. Despite the constraints caused by the pandemic and the semi-conductor crisis, Opel’s electrification offensive continued at full power. Sensational design statements like the new Opel Astra and the successful Opel Mokka are the proof, as are unique concepts such as the Manta GSe ElektroMOD and the new Rocks-e electric quadricycle. Opel customers can now choose from nine electrified models and the “Opel Greenovation” drives on. These and many more highlights from 2021 are shown in the cool video “Best of Opel 2021: Simply Electric!” – a fast-cut review packed into little more than 70 seconds.

Video: „Best of Opel 2021: Simply Electric!”

December 2021