Hola Corsa: 700 dealers visited the Zaragoza site


In case Spanish car dealers want a date with the new 5th generation Corsa, there simply is no better place than the Zaragoza site itself where already 9.6 million Corsa vehicles have been built since production started in 1982. So, 700 dealers gathered there from 19 to 23 January for a meet and greet with the bestseller.

The day started with several workshops at Zaragoza’s congress hall, covering topics such as connectivity and innovative driver assistance systems – simply a good way to learn more about various high-tech features such as the Advanced Park Assist, the Side Blind Spot Alert or the second generation Opel Eye front camera with Traffic Sign Recognition, Lane Departure Warning, High Beam Assist Following Distance Indication and Forward Collision Warning.

Once the workshops were finished the dealers returned to the site where they got the chance to test the new driving experience which is based on a new chassis and even more precise steering. The day ended with a guided tour to witness the Corsa production live.


Training in Zaragoza: a good way to learn more about various high-tech features of the newest Corsa.