Instantly Seduced

“Pumped with energy – Opel Mokka Electric!” This is the claim of the new pan-European Opel campaign for the best-selling battery-electric SUV with the ‘Blitz’. And just like the Mokka Electric, the clip and all the accompanying digital and print formats stand out. Because the “star” alongside the Mokka Electric itself, is a bright yellow charging cable that comes to life when it encounters the eye-catching SUV.

“Opel is a progressive brand – focussed on the essentials. We are driving electrification forward to enable our customers to enjoy emission-free driving AND inspiring, engaging mobility. Opel Mokka Electric is pumped with energy!”, said Rebecca Reinermann, Opel Vice President Marketing. The 360-degree advertising campaign is the first work of the Jung von Matt HAVEL agency; the creative advertisers from Berlin have been working for Opel since the beginning of the year.

“Pumped with energy – Opel Mokka Electric!”: The campaign is going live across Europe as of the 15th of May in various media formats. 

May 2023