#Press review

A two-seater with cool design for modern urban electric mobility – that’s the new Opel Rocks-e. And Opel’s smallest model has now made a big splash: Media representatives tested the SUM (“Sustainable Urban Mobility”) in Frankfurt. Here are some of their reactions:

“The little Opel is fun to drive!”

Auto Bild

“With Rocks-e you stand out. Positively.”


“The ‚SUM‘ shows surprising strengths in city traffic.”


“Tiny on the outside, spacious on the inside: that’s Rocks-e reality.” 


“Rarely have we seen so many smiling faces and thumbs up as we did during our test drive with the battery-electric Opel Rocks-e through Frankfurt’s city centre.”

Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung

“Only a Bobby Car is less expensive.”


“Thumbs up and friendly nods during the test drive through Frankfurt’s city centre: Rarely have I experienced so much approval for a newcomer in the past 30 years as I did for the Opel midget.”

Ostthüringer Zeitung

“Indeed, the idea of scurrying through big cities in a tiny little electric car has its charms.”

auto motor und sport

“Cool, clear design”


November 2021