Emissions-free: The minimalist Rocks-e KARGO thus offers more than 400 litres of cargo volume and a payload of 140 kg.

Pizza Is Here!

Emission-free delivery: Instead of the passenger seat in two-seater, the Rocks-e KARGO has a modular cargo compartment. 

The new Opel Rocks-e is now also available as a KARGO variant. The electric SUM (for „Sustainable Urban Mobility“) is ideal for delivering parcels, pizza and co. to the smallest alley in the city centre – agile and emission-free. Instead of the passenger seat, the battery-electric City Stromer has a modular charging compartment. Driver and goods are always protected from wind and weather. The Rocks-e KARGO will be available to order initially in Germany and the Netherlands later this year – additional markets are planned to follow.

Like the passenger version, the electric motor of the Opel Rocks-e KARGO produces 6 kW/8 hp of continuous power, with a maximum power output of 9 kW/12 hp, e.g. for accelerating. The 5.5 kWh battery can be fully recharged in around four hours via an AC household socket. The accompanying 3.0-metre-long charging cable is permanently housed in the vehicle and simply pulled out of the passenger door when needed. Opel offers an adapter for charging at a public charging station.

March 2022