Radiant Beauties: Eva Padberg and the Astra K



Caught in the headlights: German fashion model Eva Padberg poses with Opel’s new Astra.


Opel’s new, groundbreaking lighting system boasts intelligent design that ensures comfort and safety for both drivers and passengers. It also ensures the safety of others, motorized or not: IntelliLux, a full LED matrix light, features eight diodes per headlight to enable driving with glare-free high beams. This light works together with the front camera to recognize when you are driving within city limits; the high beams automatically turn on whenever you are outside built-up areas. Whenever the camera detects vehicles ahead of you or approaching from the other direction, individual, targeted LEDs automatically turn off in order to avoid blinding the other driver.

What does all of this have to do with the Eva Padberg? This quadruple threat (model, singer, TV host, and UNICEF ambassador) loves to travel safely and comfortably in her very own Opel – her husband and their two dogs love it, too. As a proud and happy Opel driver, Padberg immediately agreed to take part in our photo shoot with Ramp magazine. For this shoot, Padberg, whose modeling career began with catwalk appearances for labels such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, posed with the new Astra. This car is the first to feature IntelliLux – and Padberg helped this new lighting system shine.

You can see for yourself that the two stars of our photo shoot looked great together. Both Padberg, who became a face of Opel in 2015, and the new Astra shone bright against a graffitied Berlin backdrop with a gritty, urban feel. Although the weather was rainy that day, the bright, long-lasting, and efficient IntelliLux lighting was as radiant as ever.