‘Small car’? The Pony Inside The Trunk of a Corsa


There might be a new way to specifically define a ‘small car’: A vehicle is a small car if a small horse can fit into it. This definition certainly applies to the Opel Corsa. Local police inspection officials in Dahme-Spreewald, Germany (part of the Brandenburg region), found this out in mid-January when they discovered a live Shetland pony inside the trunk of a Corsa B during a routine traffic check.

The animal was doing fine; it had enough room and was securely in place, reported a police spokeswoman. The married couple from Spreewald, Germany, who owned the vehicle told police that they had bought the pony for their children as a late Christmas present and were on their way home. They had also taken many extended breaks for walks with the animal along the way.

After they had convinced the officials that the pony was in good shape, the couple and their unusual cargo were allowed to continue on their journey. Although the police emphasized that horses usually need to be transported in a horse trailer, they ‘could not find fault’ with the way this little horse in particular was being transported.

Shetland ponies usually measure a little over a meter in height at most, but they can weigh up to 60 kg. These very tough and long-lived animals are considered highly intelligent and good with children, and they are very popular – it’s hardly surprising that they get along so well with the Opel Corsa, too.