The New Astra Gets an Irmscher Look

For over 47 years, Irmscher has been providing Opel owners with conversion and tuning components. So it hardly comes as a surprise that the company, based in the Swabian region, react with lightning speed whenever Opel launches a new model. It was no different in the case of the new Astra that Irmscher has already outfitted with special equipment.

What pops out immediately is the grille, which comes in a choice of stainless steel or carbon fiber. Then there are decals that accentuate the main contours of the Astra. This set is available in different colors.


The wheels are also a sight to see: The new Astra comes with up to 18” factory-equipped rims. The Remshalden-based tuning company is offering larger 19-inch aluminum rims with names like ‘High Star’ and ‘Aero Star,’ available in black or with a diamond-polished finish.

The chassis can also be lowered by around 30 millimeters, which improves grip when taking corners at high speeds.

And to make sure the engine performance does justice to the car’s looks, Irmscher is currently tinkering with the diesel and gas models, aiming for boost output by up to 30 HP.


Irmscher Opel Astra Programm zur Markteinführung_0

Black and white



Last update November 2015