Staying Trim With The GSi

Advice: This website informs you about the right size for your screen.

We have just the thing for those looking to boost their physical fitness: a downloadable, sporty Opel Corsa GSi computer and mobile background. You might be asking yourself: ‘How will this help me work out?’ It’s simple!

Start by directing your gaze to the air intake on the right of the vehicle. Let your eyes glide from the chrome-ringed design elements to the black crosspieces. Take a look at the Opel lightning bolt at the center of the front, then direct your eyes back up to the sculpted hood and the crosspiece, which is also black. Can you feel your heart rate picking up? Glance along the precisely modelled sills. To finish the exercise, focus on the red brake calipers. Well done! The faster your heart beats, the more calories you burn.

Now repeat this exercise every morning when you start up your computer or look at your smartphone. In just a few days, your physical and mental wellbeing will improve tremendously!


How does it work?

  1. Choose the right size for your screen resolution.
  2. Click on the photograph with the right mouse button and choose “Save as background”. That’s it!


Follow this link to the downloads for your screen!



 March 2018


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