Headquarters: After almost 20 years, the Rüsselsheim-based company has made a profit again.

“Opel flashes again”

“We aren’t just barely in the black. We achieved the best operating profit in the history of ou company – 859 million euros – alongside cash flow of 1.4 billion euros. That’s not peanuts.”

– Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller in an interview with Die Welt

“Opel flashes again”

– Frankfurter Rundschau –

“Opel has generated more cash individually than BMW, Daimler und VW ‘when excluding the dividends they receive from their Chinese JVs‘.”

– Financial Times journalist Peter Campbell on Twitter –

“The new owner, the French PSA Group,
has changed course.

– ZDF heute –

“We can say with both humility and gratification that within the last five year, Groupe PSA has grown from a company on the brink of bankruptcy into a healthy, functioning enterprise. And that now applies to Opel, as well – with a recurring operating margin of 4.7 percent after nearly 20 years of losses. This is clear proof that Opel management’s ’Pace!’ strategy is working.

– Carlos Tavares, Chairman of Groupe PSA Managing Board, in an interview with the FAZ –

“The positive results can be explained by the premium pricing policy – one of Tavares’ strategic tools – and dthe reduction of variable and fixed costs.

– Handelsblatt –

“Opel turns things around

– Der Tagesspiegel –

“Record profits at Opel impress experts – Opel sets a surprising pace in its long-awaited return to profitability.”

– FAZ Rhein-Main Zeitung –


“The automobile manufacturing company, which is part of the French PSA Group, announces its return to the Russian market.”

– Stuttgarter Nachrichten –

“Opel returns to Russia

– auto motor und sport –

“(…) the team headed by Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller can be proud of themselves. When thy introduced  the ’Pace’ reorganization strategy in November 2017, it was projected that Opel would be back in the black by 2020 at the latest. The people at Opel have now achieved their goal much sooner than expected.

– Spiegel.de –

“The lovely story of the PSA Group’s resurrection continues; it is now tied to Opel’s spectacular recovery.

– Le Figaro –

March 2019

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