Trendsetting: The experiences of as many drivers as possible are to be incorporated into the future development of the vehicle cockpit. The online survey started on 25 April - take part now!

Shape the Future
of the Cockpit

Pia Pascale Pommer is Service Designer for Human Vehicle Interface at the User Experience Centre in Rüsselsheim. That’s where fundamental work on cockpit operating controls is done.

Ms Pommer, you have designed a holistic study on the topic of vehicle cockpits, which has now been published in the form of an online survey. What is the aim of this study?
We want to find out how often customers use which functions and controls, as well what information they use in the cockpit of their vehicle. The emphasis is on frequency. So it’s not a question of “How satisfied are you with function XY?” but rather “How often do you use the function and how important is it to you?” This question is key because the cockpit has fundamentally changed in recent years: away from the analogue round instrument to the combination with a small display up to the full display. Everyone can make an important contribution by participating in the study. Because the results flow into the development of future vehicle cockpits.

What exactly do the findings help with?
We, the colleagues in the User Experience Centre (UXCT), do fundamental work on how controls are positioned and adjusted in the cockpit. The goal is to provide our customers with the best possible user experience, especially with regard to human machine interfaces. How often customers use a function or information and how important they consider it helps us to confirm decisions made so far and to make future decisions for our future models – and consequently to further increase customer satisfaction.

Can you give us an example?
One example is buttons, so which function is so elementary that a button might make sense? Or: on which level of the multimedia menu should the function be stored, for example, to change the radio station? How many radio stations must fit on the favourites list – 3, 5 or 15? Or do customers prefer to use their smartphone apps in the vehicle? The study on the frequency of use of individual functions helps us with all these types of decisions. It is also interesting for us to know how often and in which situations customers use the driver assistance systems. Of course, we regularly conduct various customer studies, but this current online survey is broader in scope

InwiefernIn what way? Who can take part in the study?
Everyone! Although the survey is initially aimed at all Stellantis employees, it is also open to their friends and family. Our wish: participate as an employee yourself, but also be a multiplier and encourage friends and family members to share their experiences with us. The online study will initially start concurrently in Germany and France. In a further step, it will be rolled out worldwide. All Stellantis employees will have the opportunity to help shape the future of the driver cockpit.

One set of questions is specifically aimed at drivers of electric cars.

Questions on the use of assistance systems are also part of the survey.

Do you have to drive a model from the Stellantis Group to participate?
No, the survey is open to users of all vehicle models and brands. And on the contrary: the more data we can evaluate from different brands, the better. It doesn’t matter whether you drive an older or a newer model. The survey is designed to be modular. For example, if your vehicle does not have a multimedia display, there are no more detailed questions about it.

And how can you participate?
Immediately and at any time – all you need is Internet access. You can find access to the online survey at LiveIn, in the NewsBlitz of Internal Communication or embedded right here on the Opel Post website. The Opel Post is ideal for the participation of external interested parties. My tip: answer the questions – they are multiple choice questions – on your PC or a tablet. The smartphone display might be a little too small. We, the colleagues at the User Experience Centres in Rüsselsheim and Vélizy, welcome anyone who helps us to make our cars even better and our customers even more satisfied.


The online survey “Frequency of Use – Vehicle Cockpit” is conducted by the User Experience Centres (UXCT) in France and Germany under the direction of Laurent Nicolas (Vélizy) and Joel Lutz (Rüsselsheim). In a second step, the survey will be rolled out worldwide. The survey is a continuation of a Group study that took place in France and China in 2014/15. As industry standards evolve, the UXCT would like to conduct this type of survey on a regular basis in the future.


The online survey started on 25 April. It is divided into four parts. Each part starts with a general section on make, model and year of manufacture. This is followed by a specific part on “Driver information”, “Functions and controls”, “Multimedia” and “Cockpit of the electric vehicle”. This has the advantage that you can also edit the parts individually. The latter part, “Cockpit of the electric vehicle”, is aimed exclusively at drivers of e-cars. It takes between 20 and 35 minutes to answer the individual surveys. The evaluation of the survey is of course anonymous in accordance with the legal regulations on data protection.

Survey: Driver information
Duration 35 minutes

Survey: Functions and controls
Duration 30 minutes

Survey: Multimedia
Duration 30 minutes

Survey: Cockpit of the electric vehicle
Duration 20 minutes

April 2022

Photos: Opel, Andreas Liebschner