Funda Soyupak is responsible for diversity in the “Women of Stellantis” network.

“Diversity is the Respectful Treatment
of All Among Each Other”

15 years

It has been 15 years since Opel signed the “Charta der Vielfalt” (Diversity Charter). This makes the company one of the first signatories of this voluntary commitment to a prejudice-free working environment.


companies and institutions with a total of 14.6 million employees have now signed the “Charta der Vielfalt” (Diversity Charter).

On 31 May,

the annual German Diversity Day will take place, celebrating its 10th birthday this year under the motto “Let’s celebrate Diversity”.

Ms Soyupak, when it comes to diversity in the world of work, many people first think of more women in management positions. But the thought is wrong – isn’t it?

Funda Soyupak: I would not say it is wrong. Stellantis is guided by the vision of the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP). WEP encourages companies to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace. Our company, for example, has set itself the goal of increasing the proportion of women in management positions to 27 per cent by 2025. The target for 2030 is 35 per cent. Currently, it is about 25 percent. So yes, diversity includes the support of women. But in fact, the issue is much broader.

How would you describe it?

Diversity describes a corporate culture of openness, appreciation and tolerance. Every employee should feel valued and respected – regardless of gender, origin, age or social background. Everyone is allowed to contribute their own thoughts, abilities and backgrounds. Every single one of us contributes to our success. Every day.

What does that mean in concrete terms in everyday working life?

The key is to treat each other with respect – in all matters. One example is to consider those who can no longer walk far when planning a team event. But the compatibility of work and family also plays a major role. Another example might be not scheduling a meeting when a colleague is picking up their child from childcare. Whether through training, engagement or development: In an inclusive environment, everyone should have the opportunity to activate their full potential. Diversity is not an end in itself – it is closely linked to the future of the company.

In what way?

Diversity pays into the company’s goals. This is also made clear by Stellantis‘ vision: „Powered by our Diversity, we lead the way the world moves“. Diverse teams are more flexible and create fast solutions for the constantly evolving technology and mobility needs of customers. In short, diversity creates innovation and diversity is a prerequisite for achieving our business goals.

What role does the Women of Stellantis network play in this?

We support diversity in all its facets with multicultural learning opportunities, mentoring and networking events and community-building initiatives. The company provides a comprehensive range of training to raise awareness and understanding of Diversity&Inclusion (D&I) issues, while communicating the role of employees in contributing to overall inclusion. Employees have access to training, development and career opportunities to further their contribution and advancement within Stellantis.

May 2022

Photo: Opel