“Opel Shows Where It Stands”

The setting was the venerable old production hall K48, with not a spare seat to be had. Pioneers, innovators, and leading representatives from the mobility sector came together on Tuesday for the OPELxWIRED future.mobility conference. With a buzz of excitement, the presentations and discussions were to focus on new trends and technologies that are changing the way we travel. One day dedicated to the future of mobility. And also to the future of the mobility brand, Opel. Tina Müller, Vice President & CMO Opel Group, presented the new brand claim “The Future is Everyone’s.”

Also present: Jürgen Klopp. The Liverpool F.C. manager collected his new Insignia Grand Sport from the factory and also extended his contract as Opel brand ambassador. “We’re delighted that Jürgen is staying on as a member of the Opel family. He’s a perfect match for the brand – he genuinely embraces everything that Opel already stands for today and would like to be in the future. The future is everyone’s – and we’ll be sharing the journey there with Jürgen Klopp,” said Tina Müller.

“The Future is Everyone’s”:
What lies behind the new brand claim

Tina Müller: The claim is a commitment, so it’s much more than a simple product promise: “The future is everyone’s” underlines the challenge that the company has set for itself. Opel is democratizing future technologies and making them available to everyone. This stance is deeply rooted in the brand’s history because we have always made premium technologies available to a broad customer base. Opel fitted three-way catalytic converters on all of its vehicles as a standard feature in 1989. The personal online and service assistant Opel OnStar, with its automatic accident assistance, is another good example. Or more recently: the market launch of the Ampera-e, the Tesla for the masses.

Jürgen Klopp: The slogan “Umparken im Kopf” (U-turn in your head) was just awesome! Now you’ve come up with another that makes me wonder: “Gosh, why didn’t I think of that? It’s an extremely positive message that expresses great optimism. Making all innovations available to everyone – that’s what Opel wants to do and I’m really excited about that.


Jürgen Klopp at yesterday’s OPELxWIRED future.mobility conference in Rüsselsheim, where he and Tina Müller presented the new Insignia campaign.

The new Insignia campaign:
How the promise reaches the road

“I love the new Insignia.
In Liverpool we would say:
It’s massive.”

 ––   Jürgen Klopp   ––

Tina Müller:  The cross-media campaign for the new flagship vehicle is the first to carry the new brand claim and the refined lightning-flash logo. The new Insignia perfectly demonstrates what our new brand promise means from a product perspective. The Insignia offers a range of smart technologies that is unparalleled in the segment, from pioneering LED matrix lights to the head-up display. A strong proposition that is also, or particularly, attractive for customers who have so far just browsed among expensive premium brands. In other words: The new Opel Insignia is a genuine leader – Made in Germany. In keeping with this, the new 360° communication campaign starts with the slogan “German technology for everyone.” A car for everyone who appreciates what really counts. Who better to represent this than personable, unconventional football manager Jürgen Klopp?

Jürgen Klopp: Filming a TV ad with Opel is always a great experience. The atmosphere on set in Barcelona was brilliant. And the film crew were really something special. I’ve never come across so many people with so many tattoos in so many different places. As for my serious performance in the ad: I really love to laugh, but not for the entire day. In the new ad I mostly come over as laid back, but I suppose that’s who I am. I like it a lot that my script is kept to a minimum because I’m not a great actor. Although the dog that was at the filming didn’t look like it was born to act either. So I’m really happy with the ad. I think it appeals to younger people, it’s really cool overall. I think it suits Opel very well.


↑  The unusual main advertisement for the campaign that’s running now.

An internal signal:
How the new promise is defining day-to-day work

Tina Müller: The new brand promise also sends a strong internal signal to our employees, who put their heart and soul and passion for the future into their daily work. It’s not just about the pay packet at the end of the month. We all want to be part of something bigger. Making innovations available to everyone is one such goal that’s worth giving your full commitment to.

Jürgen Klopp: When I started out as a brand ambassador six years ago, the sentiment surrounding Opel was not great. It’s changed completely in the meantime. I notice it myself again and again when I’m out on the road in my Insignia. I’ve met many people who are nothing but impressed with the car. You’ve all done a tremendous job. To bring about such a U-turn in image is quite something in these difficult times. And it makes me quite proud to know that I’ve also helped out a little in this respect – or at least I haven’t got in the way of that. I’d also like to say a big thank you: In the six years that I’ve been driving an Opel I’ve never had a breakdown!


The New Logo:
Clarity for a New Era

Alongside the brand claim, the new lightning-flash symbol also marks the advent of a new era. Focusing on the essentials is crucial. Clarity and simplicity – that was the brief when redesigning the Opel logo. With immediate effect, a lightning-flash symbol with a clean 2D look will now appear on all communication channels. The basic elements remain the same – a circle to symbolize a wheel and the lightning flash as a sign of pure energy. Immediately recognizable anywhere at first glance: simple – direct – straightforward.

June 2016

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