The secret star of the event: Brand Marketing Manager Özgecan Özdemir presents the new Opel Frontera to the Turkish Opel colleagues and the country's dealers.

Back on The Big Stage

Who would have thought? Not New York, not Paris, Istanbul was the most visited city in the world last year. The number of visitors to the bustling Turkish metropolis, where history and modernity meet, is exploding. And here on the Bosporus, Opel invited people to the world premiere of a new model that energises the brand’s past with the future: the name “Frontera” is back!

Opel CEO Florian Huettl, together with Vice President of Design Mark Adams and Tobias A. Gubitz, Senior Vice President Product and Pricing, unveiled the all-new Opel SUV in front of an international audience. The breaking news of the premiere day: the attractive entry-level prices: the Frontera Hybrid will be available from around €24,000, and the battery-electric version with a range of over 300 kilometres costs around €29,000. The “Long Range” version even has a range of 400 kilometres. “This spacious and electrified SUV will open up new customer groups for us,” Huettl announced confidently.

“The spacious and electrified new Frontera will open up new customer groups for us.”

– Opel CEO Florian Huettl –

Opel CEO Florian Huettl (centre) unveiled the all-new Opel SUV together with Vice President of Design Mark Adams (right) and Tobias A. Gubitz, Senior Vice President Product and Pricing.
Easy to use, accessible and focused on the essentials: the new Frontera makes a strong statement. It is so spacious that it will also be available as a seven-seater in the future.
More than 130 international media representatives attended the world premiere in the Turkish metropolis.
In addition, thousands watched the recording of the world premiere press conference on the internet.
“The Frontera impressed us”: The media response to the new Opel SUV is very positive.

The stage on the first day of the premiere was reserved for leadership. But on the second day in particular, when the Turkish Opel colleagues and the country’s dealers were able to experience the new Frontera Electric live for the first time, Özgecan Özdemir was the secret star: the Rüsselsheim Marketing colleague took to the big stage and presented the numerous practical features of the new Frontera with charm and know-how – in her native Turkish.

Her expertise is extensive. As Brand Marketing Manager, Özgecan Özdemir has been working on the launch of the Frontera for months. For example, she is developing strategies for various markets for the introduction of the new Opel SUV. When it became clear that the world premiere would take place in her former homeland, she was immediately enthusiastic: “The Frontera is full of exciting features – it is a matter close to my heart to use my voice to bring the many highlights out into the world.” Especially since the Turkish market is an important one for Opel: after Germany and the United Kingdom, Turkey is the third largest.

Özdemir’s expertise did not go unnoticed by the Turkish media representatives. Whether it was the choice of drivetrain, the new digital ordering process or the news that the Frontera will also be available as a seven-seater in the future – she was constantly in front of cameras to present the highlights. Her favourite features? “The Frontera looks very attractive, is accessible and focuses on the essentials,” she says. The overall concept is just right. “It is not only the people in Turkey who will love the new Opel SUV!” she says confidently.

“The overall concept is just right – not only the people in Turkey will love the new Opel SUV!”

– Brand Marketing Manager Özgecan Özdemir –

Simple purchasing process: the new Frontera will be the first Opel model to be available for digital ordering via the “one-scroll experience”. This means that the vehicle purchase can be made completely online in the future.
Özgecan Özdemir and Florian Huettl ensured a successful first public appearance of the new Opel Frontera, which marks another milestone on the road to sustainable mobility.
Özgecan Özdemir was a sought-after interview partner, especially for Turkish media representatives.
Whether it is the choice of drivetrain or the luggage volume, as Brand Marketing Manager, Özgecan Özdemir knows everything about the new Frontera.
The Turkish native speaker was also a popular discussion conversation partner for the guests at dinner.

And it’s not just the Opel Brand Marketing Manager who sees it that way. The press response to the world premiere of the new Frontera includes hundreds of articles and videos, some of them euphoric. “The design of the compact SUV appears confident and well proportioned,” writes the reporter from “Die Welt”“ The portal headlines “New Frontera back in its old strength,” while t-online states: “The Frontera (…) is a good looking, sensible and perhaps more affordable alternative to many other models in the large field of family-friendly SUVs.”

The attractive entry-level prices in particular have gained a lot of coverage in the press reports. “This family SUV is surprisingly affordable,” was the headline in the German business newspaper Handelsblatt, for example. AutoBild stated: “If the predicted prices come true, the Frontera would be a lot of car for the money.” The online portal GIGA called the “stunning price” a “declaration of war from Opel” with which the company is setting new benchmarks. And the news channel n-tv reported: “It is almost a sensation that the new Opel Frontera will be available from around €24,000 and could therefore be financially viable for larger families.”

“The Frontera could become Opel’s new leader in terms of sales,” said Vision Mobility. The magazine cited the newcomer as combining many great features while still not forgetting its brand essence as reasons. The author’s conclusion: “The Frontera has impressed us and is likely to be exactly what 80, no, actually 100 per cent of drivers need for comfortable individual transportation.” With this positive media response, Özgecan Özdemir can continue to push ahead with the strategies for introducing the new Opel SUV in the coming months. “After the great feedback in Istanbul, I am even more looking forward to the start of sales.” she says.

June 2024

Text: Tina Henze, Photos: Opel