A lovely ride: Dogs can travel safely and comfortably for long stretches in the trunk of the Opel Astra Sports Tourer.

A Love of Animals

Safely on the road: This four-legged friend is top dog in this Grandland X.

Bow wow: Opel is continuing to promote safe dog transport in Slovenia. The company is the official partner of the ‘Safe dog transportation’ project launched by Slovenia’s AMZS automobile association and the magazine Motorevija. Opel Slovenia announced this in mid-January at a press conference held in the AMZS driving safety center in Vransko.


Tips for dog-friendly transport


The goal of the campaign is to promote safe, comfortable transport for dogs in cars, whether they be in the trunk, in the backseat, or in the footwell of the passenger seat. Motorevija journalists demonstrated the advantages of corresponding Opel accessories and gave tips for dog-friendly transport.

During the press conference, the police reported that many drivers don’t pay enough attention to the safety of their four-legged companions, which poses a danger to the animals as well as to other vehicle passengers. For that reason, all of the partners involved in the project wanted to emphasize the importance of safe, proper transport. Moreover, this information is necessary given rising pet registration figures: In 2017, around 230,000 dogs were registered in Slovenia, a 13 percent increase over the previous year.

February 2018