GT Concept: Gets everyone excited


 Das  Opel-GT-Concept-Logo 2016.

Those who did not already know that bulls cannot see red learned this fact when the outstanding ‘Umparken im Kopf’ campaign (‘Re-Park in Your Head’) was released. As a matter of fact, most mammals cannot see red – humans are the exception. Our eyes are extremely sensitive to this signal color. It’s no wonder, then, that when you look at this highly anticipated photo of the new GT Concept your eyes are drawn like magnets to the car’s signature red lines. Your gaze lingers on the striking red detailing on the front tires – it recalls the avant-garde Motoclub 500, an Opel motorcycle from 1928. There’s a lot to take in. The first photos of our new model are out, and they have made quite a splash. You can see this sleek and futuristic sports car in person at the 86th annual Geneva Motor Show, held from 3 to 13 March 2016. Remarkably, the GT Concept has already won over many fans who have only seen it in 2D.


What the boss has to say: “We’re going one step further in evoking emotional responses and enhancing driving pleasure with the Opel GT Concept. It represents what Opel now stands for – we’re self-confident and innovative, and we want to get more and more customers excited about the brand with each new car we bring out,” says Karl-Thomas Neumann with a grin.


What others have to say: Reactions from the press promptly followed. One thing was clear from all the coverage with its colorful and powerful words: The GT Concept’s look gets everyone excited.