The new GT Concept: Two details, two quotes



 Das  Opel-GT-Concept-Logo 2016.

GT Concept 2016


The tension mounts: At the Geneva Motor Show, which opens on March 3, Opel will introduce the new GT Concept. The curiosity on the reinterpretation of the classic is fueled with a new photo and a new video, they reveal a bit more from the model. The picture shows centrally positioned double exhaust pipes; the video was recorded in a dark hall in which a headlight illuminates a red front of the new car – just hinting its exciting styling. Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann announces: “Opel has reinvented itself”.

Two visual details cite the design highlights of the product history. Genuine GT friends certainly decode the first one immediately: At the time, in 1965, a central dual exhaust was one of several distinctive trademarks of the legendary Experimental GT, Opel presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. And the red wheels? Those who can can classify them precisely, must be extremely fit in the company’s history: The red wheels were the visual highlight of the Moto Club 500 in 1928, when Opel put another exclamation point on the two-wheeler market.


 Die Motoclub 500, mit der Opel 1928 ein weiteres Ausrufezeichen auf dem Zweiradmarkt setzte.

The red wheels were the visual highlight of the Moto Club 500 in 1928.