A competent co-driver: Katharina Mauer, Manager Accessory Sales Operation, explains the technical aspects of the Opel Insignia GSi to Jean Pierre Kraemer.

YouTube-Star Tests the Opel Insignia GSi



“Finally, OPEL has gotten on the channel! This is awesome. More of this, please!”


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You could say that we’ve gone viral: Moderator and tuning expert Jean Pierre (‘JP’) Kraemer didn’t just get a very positive impression of the Opel Insignia GSi – his test drive, which was posted to his YouTube channel, ‘JP Performance,’  in mid-October, has since gotten over 685,000 views and more than 2,600 comments. “This car is really good,” says Kraemer in summary. He drove the sporty Opel flagship on a test track in Ehra-Lessien, northwest Germany, alongside Katharina Mauer, Opel Manager Accessory Sales Operation.

Most of the over 2,600 comments that have been posted under the video clip have also been resoundingly positive. One viewer wrote: “Well done Opel! I almost thought you were on the way out, but this test drive and this super cool co-driver who REALLY knows what she’s talking about, plus a very attractive product, have pushed my approval rating for the brand up by 200 percent! Great job!” Another left the following comment: “Finally, OPEL has gotten on the channel! This is awesome. More of this, please!” With over 1.6 million subscribers and over 681 million views in total, ‘JP Performance’ is the most successful YouTube channel specializing in the automotive sector.


↑ (German) Video: Jean Pierre Kraemer tests the Opel Insignia GSi


November 2018