First stroke: The Opel Patentmotorwagen “System Lutzmann”, started the brand‘s success story in spring 1899.

Made in Germany since 1899



Last stroke (for the time being): The new Combo is the youngest model in the Opel portfolio.



Opel is one of the carmakers with the richest tradition in the world. Next year, the brand will celebrate 120 years of automobiles. After listening to the advice of her sons Carl, Wilhelm and Friedrich, Sophie Opel decided to start producing cars in 1899 – four years after the death of company founder Adam Opel. What started in a garage in Rüsselsheim am Main with 65 hand-made Opel Patentmotorwagen “System Lutzmann”, has long become a mass phenomenon will more than 70 million vehicles built to date. From the very beginning, Opel championed the cause of producing cars as efficiently as possible and thus making them affordable for a broad audience. For example, Opel was the first German manufacturer to introduce the especially economic assembly line production as early as 1924. This helped the Opel 4/12 PS “Laubfrosch” and all later Opel 4 PS variants become bestsellers.

Until this very day, the Rüsselsheim-based carmaker is firmly anchored in the centre of society and offers technologies that are normally reserved for expensive premium cars. Innovative solutions such as the IntelliLux LED matrix light in the compact Astra (Car of the Year 2016) as well as in the Insignia flagship, the AGR-certified active ergonomic seats (available in many carlines) or the extensive array of assistance systems for more safety and comfort (all carlines) are typical for Opel.

October 2018