SNOW: ‘Snow mode’ enables optimum traction on icy and snowy surfaces at speeds up to 50 km/h. Traction control regulates the slip of the front wheels, slowing down the spinning wheel and transferring the torque to the other front wheel.

The Opel Grandland X can master this five surfaces


The ideal mode for every surface: IntelliGrip can be operated from the dial in the Opel Grandland X cockpit.

Drivers who want a compact SUV offering cool style and efficiency, especially if they frequently encounter loose surfaces or slippery roads, need look no further than the new Opel Grandland X with the optional IntelliGrip adaptive traction control system. It enables optimum traction and stability on all kinds of surface. Depending on the driving conditions, the driver of the front-wheel drive Grandland X simply selects the appropriate traction control mode via the rotary dial on the centre console. The electronics then immediately adapt torque distribution to the wheels and the ESP settings (electronic stability program) to the selected mode. IntelliGrip features five modes.


March 2018