The name “Grand Sport electric” contains a promise: The top-of-the-line models will electrify customers. A promise that the launch videos already fulfil.

Dynamic to the Maximum

The famous three letters “GSe” are back! The models can be ordered now. And the interest is huge: the launch video of the Opel Astra GSe alone has garnered almost two million views on YouTube – more than ever before for an unveiling video of the brand from Rüsselsheim. With comments like “Awesome Opel!” the social media community also celebrates the Opel Grandland GSe, the high-performance SUV with 221 kW/300 hp. Whether it’s an immersion flight in the studio, spectacular serpentine drives in the Kaunertal valley or a sprint at the Lausitzring – the captured images rank somewhere between breathtaking and “Awesome!”

“The Astra GSe video has not only been viewed almost two million times. Almost all users watch it to the end.”

– Opel social media Managerin Nadine Ries –

“For the return of the famous three letters,” says Nadine Ries from the Opel social media team, “it had to be a very special video.” From the creative concept to the production and dynamic editing – the Opel social media team relied on the full-service support of the film creative company “Neuland” for the realisation. And the enthusiasm sparked by the images is clear: “The Astra GSe video has not only been clicked almost two million times, almost all users – over 94 percent – watch it to the end,” Nadine Ries sums up.

September 2022, a studio in Düsseldorf

Pete Schilling, founder of the film creative company “Neuland”, directs, orchestrates models, cameramen and the indoor drone flights in the clean white studio setting. 18-inch alloy wheels, a dynamically designed front, lettering on the tailgate and performance seats – the two GSe models already make their point visually. Three-quarter view from the front, from the rear. Every shot is spot on. “We have already realised several video projects together with Neuland,” says Nadine Ries, “so the trust is huge.”

April 2022, crisp sub-zero temperatures, glorious weather

“Maximum dynamics” is written above the script for the day of filming in the Tyrolean Kaunertal valley. On the specially closed Kaunertal Glacier Road up to 2,750 metres, the 10-millimetre lowered chassis of the Astra GSe shows how it defines directional stability in the hairpin bends and serpentines. Steering, suspension and brakes respond immediately and directly to every command from the driver. The “Neuland” film crew around director Pete Schilling (photo right, together with Philipp Quanz, Group Manager Social Media at Opel) get stuck in, give it their all. “There are few car brands that are so bold in their marketing at the moment. We are very proud to be Opel’s partner,” says Schilling.

Maximum professionalism

Pilot Ferdinand Wolf (photo right) sends a drone into the sky. It carries a Black Magic camera that captures the Grandland GSe’s cornering with extremely fast shots from above. To ensure that radio contact with the drone is not broken on the 26-kilometre-long Tyrolean glacier road, the pilot climbs into the escort vehicle during longer switchbacks. The image from the drone camera is transmitted directly to his video goggles, while he steers the flying object and is in motion himself. “This,” says Pete Schilling, “is a real task for specialists.” The rest of the equipment is also highly specialised: the “RC Camera Car”, an all-terrain remote-controlled unit on four wheels, travels at speeds of up to 85 km/h.

“Neuland” executive producer Jeannine Schilling held the reins of the video production for months and ensured that everything ran as smoothly as possible – which is a real challenge with projects like this. During the filming in the studio, the focus was on the bold and pure design, on the glacier road on the performance-oriented handling characteristics of the sportily tuned chassis. The plug-in hybrid sports cars then demonstrated their urge to accelerate at the Lausitzring. The spectacular shots taken on the three days of filming condensed into 60 seconds – as electrifying as the return of the “GSe” models!

▲ Hello Road, Hi(gh) Energy! The Astra GSe video has so far inspired almost two million viewers. 

January 2023

Photos: Christoph Adam, Opel