Exciting: A social media campaign makes the Blitz logo shine brighter. The main set of the production was the Rüsselsheim plant where the new Astra is produced.

In The Spotlight

The new Astra is a self-confident personality that elicits an “I want to drive it” feeling. On social media, Opel shows how the newcomer has matured into the brand’s design statement: with strong commitment, attention to detail and the willingness to think outside the box. The campaign is also an homage to the Opel team, the designers, engineers and production employees in Rüsselsheim. Those who have done great things to set new standards in the compact segment and made the Astra unique in every way.

The campaign’s hero video, which has already been viewed more than 825,000 times, sets the tone: the new Astra represents Opel’s new, bold and self-confident image. Most of the video was filmed in the Rüsselsheim plant, where the new Astra will roll off the production line. All other sequences were also shot in Germany – in Opel Design, in the studio or on a specially shielded driving track.

The new Opel Astra social media campaign: bold, pure and modern.

The campaign’s hero video: It has already been viewed over 825,000 times.

As if the audience would steer a speed drone, it gets immersed into the universe of the new Astra in first-person view. Driving shots created with the support of professional drivers on a closed track show both the car’s “Autobahn-proof” credentials as well as its sensational design.

“The new Opel Astra is a design statement for the brand and showing that properly was the main objective of the Social Media team”, said Quentin Huber, Head of Brand Strategy and Social Media at Opel. “Dynamic as never before, a stunning bold and pure design with the new brand face – the Opel Vizor – in the spotlight. Our reveal video shows at first glance that the Astra is ready to define a new era.”

The color yellow embodies the brand’s powerful new corporate identity.
A campaign that reloads the Astra with new self-confidence.

The Astra’s journey comes to life in three documentaries focused on Opel experts that managed its development, design and manufacturing. Following Chief Engineer Mariella Vogler, Colour and Trim designer Ilka Höbermann now gives an insight into the design world of the new Astra with a video. She explains what the Opel designers paid attention to and how they endowed the newcomer with its unique design, “made in Germany”. “German design is for me the simplicity, the pureness and the technical elements in combination”, says Ilka Höbermann. “It is sometimes difficult to keep this pureness and then add the boldness. It’s always all about the harmony and the right balance.” 

The characteristic look is underlined by the new metallic paint. “The team developed a super-fresh and modern yellow that adds some juiciness and boldness to the car”, adds the designer. In a third video, Rüsselsheim Plant Manager Michael Lewald leads the audience into a new era of electric vehicle production.

The Opel Astra playlist on YouTube offers more “behind the scenes” insights into the development of the new Astra. In addition, Opel’s design boss Mark Adams posts his own personal impressions on his Instagram account @opelvauxhalldesign.

Very close: Opel experts such as color & trim designer Ilka Höbermann play the leading role.

Material and color selection: The designer provides insights into the design process of the interior.

The newest documentary: Ilka Höbermann provides insights into the work of the Colour & Trim design team.

November 2021

Photos: Opel