Careful pranksters: On April 1, Opel announced that it would be sending the Corsa Moon II into space to enable lunar tourism for all.

April Fools!

“😍😱“ Many of the almost three million viewers will have shared the surprised reaction of Twitter user Ibrahim. A Corsa for space – powered by integrated solar cells and equipped with Intelli-Lux® Laser Light and airless, durable space tyres! Opel published the first images of the Corsa Moon II along with numerous creative details on April 1. Last but not least, the reference to a range of 7,000 kilometres according to the ULTP cycle, the universe-wide harmonized light-duty vehicles test procedure, made it clear: Opel was taking people for a ride. The following day, the social media team also let the followers of the Opel channels know: “#AllJokesAside – we continue to strive for cutting-edge technologies, but let’s wait another decade for our first trip to the moon.”

The moon will have to wait

“In any case, a likeable idea that inspires the viewer’s mind. (…) Perhaps in a few decades this kind of press release will already be completely normal,” Newcarz comments on the April Fool’s joke from Rüsselsheim. And writes: “This year we have once again discovered the best April Fool’s jokes in the field of e-mobility and compiled them for you. For example, Opel is showing the Corsa Moon II.” The beautiful ritual of tricking, customers, followers and fans of the brand has been a tradition at Opel for a number of years – always with creative ideas that attract attention and provide a good topic of conversation. We have put together the best April Fools‘ hoaxes of the last few years for you.

Ready for take-off

Sitting in the Astra “aero-taxi”, flying over any traffic jams – this vision inspired the social media team on April 1 last year. The supposed prototype of the Opel taxi definitely looked impressive: The new Astra served as the basis, with rotors protruding from the wheel arches instead of wheels – ready to take to the sky at any time.

Back to the roots

Many people still have fond memories Opel’s announcement in 2016 that the company would return to the fashion business and launch sewing machines. Why not? After all, Adam Opel founded the company in 1862 as a sewing machine manufacturer. And then the first design sketches of the new edition were also reminiscent of the Opel GT Concept, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show only a few weeks earlier – definitely a well-conceived April Fools’ joke!

Ready to take on the world

The colleagues from Opel Motorsport joined in on the fun in 2015 when they announced that the Opel KARL was ready to compete in the FIA ​​World Rally Championship. The impressive features of the „KARL Rallye“ included a modified three-cylinder engine with a whopping 350 hp, all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering. The fact that Opel OnStar was supposed to replace the co-pilot was just the icing on the cake of the April Fools’ joke.

QR code replaces letters

April Fools’ hoax or maybe not? In 2021, Opel’s message spread online and caused quite some stir: Will future models really have a QR code attached so that you can communicate with the driver? The pros and cons were hotly debated in car forums and on social media channels – signs of a good April Fools’ joke.

Scented paint

The company played its most sensual prank in 2017. The social media post showed an Opel ADAM “Berry Red” in front of a ripe red strawberry. The accompanying text promised a brand-new feature: #ScentedPaint – an enchanting paint that exudes the scent of strawberries. In our opinion, you can still smell the strawberry scent today (albeit only if you get very close to the screen and have a little imagination).

Exotic Astra

The Brazilian flag on the roof, “dancing” lines all along the side: According to the press release, the launch of the Opel Astra Copacabana announced for April 1, 2014, should “bring the sun and passion of Brazil to European streets” just in time for the soccer World Cup in South America. The sports seats are covered with original turf from the Maracanã stadium, with „finest Copacabana sand“ in the footwell – clear signs that this announcement could only be an April Fools’ joke.

April 2023

Photos: Opel, Opel Archive