“Diversity Creates Innovation”

Mr Wangemann, an International Women’s Day that can only take place virtually because of the pandemic. How do you get the right messages across? 
A lot can also be achieved with online activities. Of course, these topics are on our agenda all year round, not just on the eighth of March. But International Women’s Day is always a call to action. Because we have a very active women’s network at Opel, there are many opportunities: networking, communication, training, mentoring and many other activities. In 2022, many established concepts will be continued under the term #Drivetoinspire, for example ‘Career Talks’ and product-related ‘Women Perspective Panels’.

The foundation of Stellantis has embedded the activities at Opel in an even larger framework. How do you see the new constellation?
Within Stellantis, there are extensive opportunities to set goals, discuss and be inspired. The women’s network at Opel was founded as ‘WoMen@Opel’, became ‘Women Engaged for PSA (WEP)’ and has now expanded within the Stellantis Group to ‘Women of Stellantis’. There are clear statements there on the topic of diversity that directly correspond to the goals that we have also set for ourselves at Opel for many years: “Powered by Diversity, we lead the way the world moves!” A motto that drives us to define and pursue our own path to success and that of the company.

Can you give us examples of how this is implemented in the company?
Diversity has always been a key part of our corporate culture – whether in terms of gender, origin, age or social background. And we emphasise this again and again, very recently for example with the topic “D&I is our DNA” and the planned “Diversity and Inclusion Learning Pathway” on LiveIn. But the company can only try to create conditions – actively seizing the opportunities is the next, the crucial step. Right now, with the successful launch of the new Astra, we can see many concrete examples of how diversity serves as the key to success. For instance the Astra development team. It shows that diverse teams are goal-oriented, flexible – and due to their structure, they ensure that the needs of our equally diverse customers flow into our products. Clearly, diversity creates a working environment that promotes innovation!

March 2022

Photo: Opel