“A Major Leap Forward”



“This compact e-car is Opel’s most promising development.”

– Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung –



“On Tuesday, Opel entered a new chapter in the
120-year history: the electric age of automotive production.”

– Rüsselsheimer Echo –


“Opel has reinvented the Corsa”

– auto-motor-und-sport.de –



“Opel has taken a major leap forward with the new Corsa – both technically and aesthetically.”

– Auto Straßenverkehr –



“The Corsa-e has what it takes to assume the role of the first true mass-produced vehicle among electric cars.

– Jürgen Pieper, analyst at Metzler Bank, on hr-Fernsehen –




A major point of interest: The presentation of Opel’s Corsa-e garnered much attention. 300 journalists from all over Europe made the journey to Opel’s headquarters in Rüsselsheim, Germany.



“The manufacturer from Rüsselsheim wants to woo purchasers of its electric models with additional offers – such as the installation of charging units at home with an app that lists all public charging stations, as well as a route planner that is oriented towards all available charging options and states the respective electricity prices.”

– Der Tagesspiegel –




“Opel has made quite a splash with its e-car for the common man (…)

For a compact car, the e-model offers sensational road performance, an outstanding range, and a highly attractive price.”


– Saarbrücker Zeitung –




“Opel is taking on Volkswagen with the Corsa-e – which is available for a cool €30,000.”

– Handelsblatt –



“With its new Corsa-e (which is already available for order) the car manufacturer from Rüsselsheim is offering an e-car at a price that is affordable for normal consumers.”

– Mitteldeutsche Zeitung –



“The Corsa-e is equipped with smart tools from higher vehicle classes such as Side View Assist and traffic-sign recognition.”

– Autobild.de –



“New small cars will have to measure up to the Corsa. The overall package is perfectly tuned, and no other German manufacturer offers such a propulsion flexibility in this class.”

– auto motor und sport –




A grand premiere: Alongside the Corsa-e, Opel showcased the all-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid model of the Grandland X at the event in Rüsselsheim.





The new Vauxhall Corsa may be o small hatchback,
but it represents o giant leap into the mainstream for electric cars.

– What car?, UK –




“The future is bright – and electric.
The two new Opel models have the potential
to become real hits among buyers.”

– Motorzeitung.de –




“(…) while the electrification of the automotive industry – which is turning the sector on its head – is mostly happening as a trickle-down process in terms of technology, things are different here. The Corsa-e is democratizing this new technology from the outset. In other words – it’s making it available at affordable prices.”

– Main-Spitze –



“The car manufacturer from Rüsselsheim has developed a coherent e-mobility strategy after its acquisition by PSA.”

– Frankfurter Rundschau –



“Opel is earnestly and pragmatically entering the age of the electric vehicle. But it’s doing so in such a purposeful and capable way that all e-vehicles that bear the lightning bolt symbol are sure to quickly make up high shares of the brand’s future sales program.”

– vision-mobility.de –




Who says that an e-car has to look different from a “normal” model? Head of Design Mark Adams explains Opel’s philosophy.



“Our test buyers told us, ‘Give us a great design – that’s all we want.’ The e-car should no longer look like an e-car, which was typical during the first years of this drive system’s existence.”

– Head of Design Mark Adams in conversation with automobilwoche.de –



“This project, which was created on the PSA platform CMP (Common Modular Platform), owes a major proportion of its engineering to Rüsselsheim. The Corsa-e is a true Opel: dynamic and direct.”

– Arrive –




“Innovation is like popcorn (…)

Nothing really happens for years, and then suddenly: PING! And there’s a great leap forward. It’s the same story with e-mobility. (…) Now the time is right, and it’s this technology’s time to take center stage.”


– Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller in an interview with the Aargauer Zeitung, Switzerland  –




The new Corsa is a gamechanger for Opel.”

– L’Automobile Magazine, France –



The interior is a huge leap forward and top range models will come with a 10-inch display screen and a multimode digital instrument panel. So-called hard keys have been.

– Manchester Evening News, UK –





“The modular CMP platform from PSA can be flexibly equipped with an electric drive, gas engine, or diesel engine. This means that Opel will be able to offer electric cars in high quantities for the first time.”

– Neue Ruhr Zeitung –



June 2019

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